5 Common Employment Issues & How to Handle Them

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Are you a business owner with a lot of staff to manage? You might have come across some employment issues already. Were you prepared enough to handle them? Did you have employment lawyers in Melbourneon your side? This article outlines five common employment issues and what you should do if they come up.

Issues Relating to Prevention

You don’t have to wait until you have problems to hire employment lawyers in Melbourne. In actual fact, you shouldn’t wait that long. The number one common employment issue that employment lawyers face is that of helping business owners avoid running into trouble. There are various things you can do as an employer to foster a sense of unity and work-life balance in your workforce, which will bode well for avoiding employment issues. Many workplaces have team building days that can help employees get to know one another and create a sense of harmony. These kinds of initiatives should be built into how a business operates.

Issues with the Terms of Employment

When there’s an issue with the terms of employment – from either side – the first thing to do is to take another look at the employment contract and see if that resolves the dispute. An employment contract is designed to outline the expectations of both employer and employee so an agreement between both can be arrived at. A well-crafted employment contract is worth its weight in gold, as it clearly states what the employee and employer rights and obligations are. If taking a look at the employment contract doesn’t settle the matter, then you can call in your employment lawyers in Melbourne for advice.

Issues between Co-Workers

When there are issues between co-workers, take the time to listen to each version of the story. Ask each employee to share their thoughts about the incident with you in a private room, and emphasise that they should feel free to speak their mind without fear of consequences. Enquire with other employees if they witnessed anything pertaining to the incident. When you take the time to really listen, you can get a good insight into what is going on between your employees. If you’re stumped on what to do about it, you can always talk to your employment lawyers in Melbourne.

Issues that Require Mediation

When there’s a stalemate between two parties, sometimes what you need is an objective mediator to move things forward. The necessary outcome is an agreement so that things can finally be settled and everyone can move on with their lives. Having an outside party come into the workforce can be quite effective, as they will be unbiased. Mediation can be formal or informal, depending on the situation involved. Either way, it can work wonders in workplace scenarios. Mediation can be conducted by a licenced counsellor or you can contact your employment lawyers in Melbourne for help.

Issues of Harassment and Discrimination

An issue of harassment or discrimination may involve different treatment according to sex, race, disability, sexuality, age, religion or any other personal characteristics. There are many legal considerations when it comes to these cases, so for that reason, as soon as you become aware of a case in your business, you should call your employment lawyers right away. You should also have existing policies and processes in place to handle cases of harassment or discrimination. 

It Never Hurts to Call Your Lawyers

No matter what legal or social entanglement you’re experiencing in the workplace, it never hurts to call your employment lawyers in Melbourne if you’re unsure of how to handle a situation. They’ll be able to advise you on exactly what to do to fulfil your legal obligations.