A Few Pieces Of Valuable Tummy Tuck Info You Should Know

A tummy tuck, otherwise known as an abdominoplasty, is a hugely popular way for women to re-sculpt their stomachs. Whether it be due to pregnancy, weight fluctuations or just age, a tummy tuck can help restore not only the self-confidence of patients, it can also restore some very important physical function they may have otherwise lost. In this article, we take a look at a few pieces of interesting information related to tummy tucks to give you a better idea of what they involve and why you might want one.

What you need to know about tummy tucks

There are a lot of reasons why you might opt for a tummy tuck in Sydney, but it should be noted that there a few things you should know before you dive straight into seeking out a cosmetic surgeon. Perhaps the first thing you should know is that there isn’t just one standard kind of tummy tuck out there to address all needs – different tummy tucks are designed to address different areas of the abdominals, so with this in mind, one person’s tummy tuck – often referred to as a “traditional” tummy tuck – may target the loose skin, excess skin and/or separated muscles in the upper and lower abdomen, but people can also get a tummy tuck that suits their specific needs, such as either the lower or upper abdominals or even a tummy tuck that also addresses the flanks and back in addition to the abs. in some cases, a tummy tuck may not even be the right solution for you – a tummy tuck isn’t a blanket fix for any issues with the abdominal area, so make sure to keep an open mind and perhaps ask a cosmetic surgeon about their specific recommendations. Sometimes, you might just need a little bit of liposuction or even just a smidgen of skin tightening!

Health and recovery in relation to tummy tucks

Although you might want to get a tummy tuck to fix a problem with your tummy during a period of ill health, it’s important to know that you need to be quite fit before such a procedure. Being healthy will ensure your safety during a tummy tuck, so if you’re at an unstable weight or are a heavy smoker or drinker, it’s best that you welcome better habits before seeking the services of a cosmetic surgeon. It’s also good to keep in mind that the great result of your tummy tuck won’t be immediately apparent – there’s a good deal of recovery that will follow your tummy tuck, so taking the time to rest and remember that recovery won’t happen overnight is the key to ensuring that your expectations are well met. Expect to take approximately two weeks off from your usual life (work especially), and expect your usual lifestyle and routine to return to normal after around 6 weeks.

A good surgeon often means everything

Although there is a lot of mental and physical prep you need to factor in before your tummy tuck, another vital piece of preparation involves you tracking down a cosmetic surgeon who really knows their stuff. Make sure they have all of the relevant plastic surgery qualifications, as the complexity of the tummy tuck procedure will necessitate someone who really know their stuff.