Safe and effective mineral makeup- the makeup artist’s favorite!

There are a lot of products or brands of makeup products on the market. The choices are too many. It can be overwhelming for a makeup artist to choose one for personal use. It would be even more difficult for them to choose one for their clients. Makeup artists have generally steered clear of mineral foundations as they are heavy, cakey, and powdery. The results after the application were not encouraging too. It made one look flat and dull. But you have got to think again regarding the mineral makeup now!

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 Mineral make up- what it is?

Mineral Makeup has been in use in ancient times itself. It was used to apply color to the skin for decorative purposes. The other uses include camouflage, war paint, etc.; the natural minerals were ground-up and put to use in ancient times. However, the pioneer of market mineral cosmetics was Diane ranger, a cosmetic chemist in 1976. Mineral makeup contains micronized, ground, or milled particles of minerals. The minerals that are micronized include zinc oxide, iron oxide, talc, and titanium dioxide.

How does mineral makeup differ from conventional makeup?

Mineral makeup does not contain preservatives and fragrances. They have low or no odor. The conventional formulations contain fragrances, preservatives, waxes, and emollient oils.  Aspect mineral makeup includes aspect mineral powders and an Aspect liquid mineral foundation that offers ultimate skincare.

Why is the Aspect mineral makeup range special?

The factors that make Aspect mineral makeup unique are

  • The minerals it containsAspect mineral makeup contains a blend of minerals like titanium dioxide, kaolin clay, zinc oxide, and mica. All these minerals have skin-protecting qualities and will not affect the skin. This contrasts with conventional formulations that might have preservatives and fragrances that might affect or irritate the skin.
  • The additional special ingredient– The Aspect mineral makeup range contains one other special ingredient. It is Hyaluronic acid. It is a superfood complex from Australia. It is known for its hydrating property. This means that it can boost the hydration of the skin. It is rich in vitamins and minerals too.
  • Coverage- Mineral makeup range from Aspect offers good coverage. It also blends effortlessly with our skin. When you apply the mineral makeup, you can expect to diffuse the redness and discoloration, if any, on your skin. It will leave the skin glowy and flawless. Mineral makeup contains talc as the bulking agent. This creates a heavy base in the skin. This results in a lesser chance for clogging of pores in the skin and pigmentation.
  • Accessories that go with it- The accessories you can access with the Aspect mineral makeup range include the primer and the kabuki brush. The brush is ideal for application. The brush’s surface area can give you greater control when you buff the powder onto the skin.
  • Built-in sunscreen– The mineral makeup has substantial amounts of ingredients such as zinc oxide, titanium oxide, and sunblock properties. They can be used in conjunction with daily face moisturizers with high SPF to entirely block the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Last but not least, the Aspect mineral makeup range is suitable for all types of skin. They stay longer. It is because they can withstand varying temperatures. They do not melt off like conventional makeup. That is why it is considered to be a healthy makeup option. When you use it properly, you can enhance your appearance without affecting your skin.