5 Life-Saving Party Essentials That You Must Buy

Hosting a party is quite a task and hiring an event organizing company every single time is quite expensive. There are however essential party supplies that can add grace to any occasion whilst taking care of all aspects ranging from decorations to dining and much more. So, no matter you’re throwing a baby shower or hosting a Christmas or Birthday party, the following 5 best party supplies at living.ca should be in your go-to list for all events.

  1. Party Paper Beverage Napkins

These 2-ply paper napkins are necessary party essentials. They are used as stain absorbers for the purpose of keeping the tables non-messy and dry. Available in beautiful solid colors, these disposable napkins look attractive too. There are 50 pieces/packet that can be purchased at the best prices at living.ca.

  1. Rectangular Party Plastic Table Cover

Table covers are an unmissable decor item for parties. They are used to keep the tables tidy and offer them a decorative touch. The best ones are those that are reusable and made of plastic since it’s easy to clean water from the plastic surface. The Rectangular Party Plastic Table Cover at living.ca is available in numerous eye-tempting colors – red, forest green, and lavender. You can purchase any number of these table covers in any color of your choice.

  1. Premium Party Plastic Tumbler Cups With Gold Rim

Disposable tumbler cups at parties are used to serve water and other beverages. These are perfect crockery replacements for steel and copper glasses that can be too expensive when hosting a large crowd. The plastic tumbler cups with a gold rim at living.ca look decorative and are specifically made of food-grade material that is safe for holding beverages for consumption. Besides, these cups do not contain BPA. You can also buy matching plastic forks and knives or matching plastic plates to enhance the overall look of the dining table.

  1. Geo Gold Matte Black Wine Bottle Gift Bags

Wine bags make one of the most thoughts gifts for graduation and Christmas parties, and some other special cocktail and wedding events too. The ones like the Geo Gold Matte Black Wine Bottle Gift Bags supplied by reputable suppliers are made of hard material that can easily hold the weight of a 500-700 ml wine bottle.


  1. Premium Plastic Party Dinner Plate 10.25″ White with Rose Gold Rim

These are plastic-made dinner plates that adhere to the look of real bone-china cutlery plates. These are affordable options with 10 pieces/package. They are sturdy and can hold a decent amount of weight. Arranged by the side of similar colored forks, knives, and cups, these plates complete the overall look and make dining a good experience for all your guests.