5 Most Recommended Tourism Spot in Makassar to Stop By

Even though it is located far away in Eastern Indonesia, Makassar has a charm that is not inferior to other big cities in Indonesia. Makassar tourism is now starting to attract a wide audience. Complete tourist attractions, such as shopping tourism, nature tourism, and historical tourism. Here are some recommendations for tourist attractions in Makassar, which are pretty popular.

  • Fort Rotterdam

Fort Rotterdam is an icon of historical tourism relics of the Dutch colonial occupation in Makassar. Here you will find many ancient relics, such as various agricultural tools, rice mills, traditional regional clothes, and many other relics. You can spend time in this place until the evening. Then, when the feet step out, the dusk with a burst of bright light will welcome.

This place is open every day, from 08.00 AM to 18.00 PM local times. Entrance to this place is free unless you want to enter the museum. Location: Jl. Ujung Pandang, Bulo Gading, Ujung Pandang, Makassar City.

  • Akkarena Beach

Akkarena Beach is the best beach in Makassar to enjoy the sunset. Here there is a particular area for fishing for those of you who like to hunt fish. Besides being suitable for recreation with family, it can also be used as a pre-wedding location or relaxing on the beach.

The main attraction of Akkarena Beach is the 150-meter long pier. From this pier, we can watch the beautiful sunset.

Location: Tanjung Bunga Kav. 3-5, Metro Tanjung Bunga street, Tanjung Merdeka, Tamalate, Tj. Merdeka, Tamalate, Makassar City.


  • Gowa Discovery Park

Gowa Discovery Park is a must-visit tourist spot while on vacation to Makassar. Having an area of ​​7.2 hectares, this tourist place is fairly complete. At Gowa Discovery Park, there are water parks, bird parks, and outbound arenas with different ticket prices. To enter the water park, you have to pay IDR. 65,000/person. The ticket price also includes access to the animal park. While outbound rides, visitors are charged IDR. 40,000/person. But if you want to enjoy all the rides, buy a pass ticket for IDR 100,000/person. Children over the age of one year have been charged the same ticket as an adult visitor ticket.

Location: This tourist spot is close to Somba Opu Fort on Jalan Tumanurung, Fort Somba Opu, Barombong, Makassar City.

  • Somba Opu Street

This place is often dubbed the ‘Malioboro’ of Makassar because it is the center for souvenirs typical of Makassar. The atmosphere is very comfortable to stroll around. Various souvenirs typical of Makassar such as a phinisi boat in a bottle or a scrubbing oil from the original Makassar wasp stamp can be found here. Souvenirs that many travelers hunt are gold and silver accessories with high quality but pocket-friendly prices.

Location: Jalan Somba Opu is located in the Maloku village, Kec. Ujung Pandang, the western part of Makassar city.

  • Kodingareng Keke Island

Kodingareng Keke Island is called the “hidden paradise” of Makassar because of its beauty. Located 14 kilometers from Makassar Losari Beach, Kodingareng Keke Island is the perfect place to unwind. The beauty of this beach can be seen from the fine white sand beach and the clear sea water and turquoise blue of it.

Kodingareng Keke Island is an uninhabited island, so no sellers can be found there. But at least here, there are several gazebos that visitors can use to relax. You can go directly to the Bangkoa Wood Pier or the pier in front of Fort Rotterdam to get there. In addition, you can rent a motorboat at one of the piers. The fare for a boat with a capacity of 10 people is IDR 500,000 or depending on your negotiations with the boat owner.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Makassar by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.