6 Most Popular Mehendi Designs for the Brides!

Dancing aunties, the clangor of the Dhol and all the happy relatives chatting; this scene of Mehendi function fills every bride’s heart with an immense level of joy. Firstly, the dream of getting married and then the reunion of all the close and relatives just can’t make us happier. But the highlights of the Mehendi ceremony are not the energetic relatives but the bright color and the beautiful designs of the Mehendi. Mehendi has always been related to celebrations and festivals. The vivid designs add another level of glamour to a woman. The wedding market has number of mehendi artists and designs available and from them choosing the ideal one is a dainty task. Confused about your choice?  If you are worried about where to find the Mehendi artists; then visit website and app of Shaadidukaan, India’s fastest growing online wedding market, where you can find a list of verified vendors from different cities, like mehndi artist in Delhi which can make your search easier.

So today, let us discuss the Mehendi designs which are making it big in this wedding season. Rock these trendy Mehendi designs to mesmerize the whole crowd!

  • Bani Thani Designs

Bani Thani is a popular art from Rajasthan where a girl with sharp features, lotus eyes, beautiful nose-pin and flowers in one of the hands is depicted standing, showing a side face. This art form can be a beautiful depiction of the bride. You can make a pair of Bani Thani bride and groom facing each other in different arms to depict you and your significant other.

  • Moroccan Mehendi Designs

The Moroccan art is popular for the geometrical Mehndi designs and the repetitive sequence of the designs that give it a very clean and cut look. This design is not that difficult to make and can dry up really fast. Moroccan Mehendi design can help you attain that minimalistic look and won’t take that much time of yours; so you can throw some dance moves with your relatives too!

  • Jewelry Style Designs


The intricate design of the Mehendi looks like an ornament on your hands and legs. But why not spice things up? Why not apply Mehendi on the bold spots like ornaments? A Mehendi anklet, kamarbhand, toe ring, finger ring, baajuband and haath phool made of detailed Mehendi designs can give you a very different Mehendi look and save all the money that would have been spent on these ornaments.

  • Arabic Minimalistic Designs

Arabic Mehendi is one of the most minimalistic Mehendi designs which can give you that regal look. Arabic designs flow in your hands and legs in one direction and form a very aesthetic look. It is usually made of circular loops, leaves, flowers, small dotes and long dashes, which makes it easy to make. It does not cover your whole hand and hence, takes very little time to dry up. This elegant Mehendi can help you move your hands easily because of the less coverage.

  • Portrait Mehendi

Bani Thani is a good option to depict you and your significant other but why not just get each other made on your hands? Yes, you heard it right! Initials are old school, your pictures are in! Sounds a bit awkward but this is becoming a viral trend in the bridal Mehendi designs. The portraiture of you both can add a different level of quirk to your Mehendi design. Not to forget, your groom might blush really hard.  

  • Mehendi Designs on Bold Spots

Who said that the Mehendi designs are limited just to the hands and the feet? Experiment with the Mehendi spots, ladies! Now you can flaunt those bold spots. Wearing the backless blouse? Go for a Mehendi design on the back. Wearing a corset blouse? Go for a Mehendi design on the collarbone.

We hope these Mehendi designs will help you flaunt the beautiful hands on your wedding day! Which design are you opting for? Tell us about your choice in the comments below.