A Guide to the Perfect Proposal

Judging by you being here, you plan on popping the big question. Congratulations in advance! The whole ordeal can be more than a little stressful and daunting but never fear, it’s natural to be nervous. We’ve created a guide to help you breeze through the process.

Asking for Permission

Traditionally, the proposer will ask permission from the guardians of the partner. While this is an old tradition, it’s certainly worth doing, as it cements you in the family as respectable. They may even be able to offer some hints, as much as you know your partner, your to-be in-laws doubtlessly also know a thing or two about them.

Surprise! But not too surprising

It might not seem like a super important question, and for the most part you’ve probably already taken this point into consideration. However, it’s important to make sure that your future spouse knows about how you feel to some degree. A complete surprise proposal won’t lead to a genuine answer that has been properly thought through. Have you considered what it means for both of you? Have you considered children? These are questions to be asked before the big question. That doesn’t mean spoiling the surprise however, if you haven’t already; bring it up in conversation naturally.

Finding the Right Ring

Next, it’s time to get the ring. Don’t start planning until everything is ready, the proposal itself is flexible, but proposing without a ring is another business entirely. Some progressive couples are choosing an engagement ring together. If you’re taking the traditional route, however, it’s best not to worry about the question until you’ve sorted the ring.  If you’re unsure about what kind of engagement ring is right for your relationship, check out Tacori for a selection of rings and guides on what to look out for. And most importantly, keep it safe and secure!

Creating Memories

You’re going to be looking back at this moment for a long time, possibly to the very end of your days! But you’re only going to live it once. It may seem impossible to relax, but if you take slow steps and expect a few hitches, you’ll be able to cope. 

You know your partner better than us, it’s up to you to find the right time and place to propose. If your future spouse is fun-loving, quirky and bubbly, choose a situation to reflect that. On the other hand, something silly might not sit well with your partner if they have a more serious persona. Consider a surprise during one of their routine outings, if you plan something big and unusual it will arouse suspicion. Something simple but special, like where you first met, first kissed or something else that is specific to only you and your future spouse.

It’s also worth noting not to be 100% committed to popping the question the day you plan to. It’s better to wait until the moment is right, if you have a fight or simply just an outing on the planned day, simply plan another; you’re going to remember this day forever.