Cybersecurity 2020: Things every small business should consider

Let’s all agree that 2020 has been one of the worst years in recent times. The global economy is facing consequences that are hard to sum up in few years, and many businesses have been forced to shut shop, because new standards of working don’t really apply to them. For small businesses, this is a crucial time, and it is important to pay attention to cybersecurity more than ever. Addressing security concerns and being proactive are the only ways to manage cybersecurity in 2020, and we have a list that every small business should consider. 

  1. Employee training

Cybersecurity is a shared organizational concern, and no amount of effort is enough if people working within the organization are not aware of the concerns, threats, and ways to prevent cybercrimes. Businesses have to find ways to train employees, and it may mean hiring cybersecurity experts and conducting regular workshops. It is probable that a considerable number of your workers are working from home, and for them, being aware of threats and ways in which hackers can target them is critical. 

   2. Buy cyber insurance

While cyber insurance doesn’t really do away with the concerns that your business is facing currently, or the looming threats, but it can be incredibly handy in reducing the consequences of a security breach. Cyber insurance can be expensive for sure, but you will reap the benefits, in case a breach happens. 

   3.  Focus on in-house measures

Small steps can go a long way in ensuring cybersecurity. From ensuring password protection measures, penetration testing, updating software and firmware, to creating plans for BYOD and using open public networks, it is important to have a clear set of norms. Also, employees need to know the dos and don’ts in detail, because they are the ones managing the company resources. Smaller steps, like placing networked devices behind firewalls, using network segmentation, and recommending password manager to employees, can help. You can choose to engage a team of cybersecurity experts, who will test your networks and resources for possible issues. 

Thinking beyond the standards 

Finally, consider the idea of engaging the security community. Ethical hackers can help you find flaws that are otherwise unnoticed or often ignored. You can choose to run bug bounty programs, which don’t have to be expensive. Cybersecurity in 2020 is going to be about being a step ahead of hackers, and for that, your business needs to take help, where needed.