Everything You Should Know about the Cost of Arranging a Funeral in the UK

The death of someone we love can be truly distressing, but amid our grief, we know that our loved one would want a beautiful funeral as a fitting tribute to their life as well. But planning a funeral can be quite overwhelming, especially at this time, and we also have to think about the costs associated with it. If you have to plan for your loved one’s funeral, it’s best to know the costs involved so you can prepare for it as well and lessen your stress and worries. The costs will vary depending on factors such as the kind of funeral you choose, extra expenses, and the professional fees of a funeral director. Here, then, is everything you should know about the cost of arranging a funeral in the UK.

The standard cost

The standard cost of a UK funeral is just a little more than £4000, but the cost of a burial service is more expensive than cremation, with burials at around £5000 and cremations at approximately £3800. The costs can also change based on your location, the kind of service you choose, the transport, the coffin, the fees of the funeral director, and extras like catering and flowers.

  • The fees of the funeral director

Funeral directors, such as the funeral directors in Leeds from Carroll & Carroll, provide an invaluable service to those who have lost a loved one, easing them of their burden and worry in terms of arranging the funeral. The fees will vary, but most of them will cover the overall arrangements (before, during, and after the service), the direct and personal supervision of the service, the bringing of the deceased into care, the provision of a climate-controlled facility where the deceased can rest, the preparation and care of the person who has died for the funeral service, and the provision of the chapel of rest facility so you can visit the deceased before the funeral.

It will also include coordination of the documents required along with the provision of a casket or coffin, the provision of pallbearers when needed,  a hearse, and the coordination of extras like music, wreaths, and so on.

  • Third-party expenses

There are also certain third-party expenses or external fees or payments that are included, and this can vary based on your location as well as whether you opt for a burial or cremation for your deceased loved one.

The cost for burial, as mentioned, is at around £5000, and this will include the fee of the officiant or minister, the EROB (Exclusive right of burial), the interment fee, a church fee (if you hold the service at a church), and the costs of having a memorial built for your loved one.

For a cremation, the cost will be approximately £3800, and this includes the cremation fee at a crematorium, the officiant or minister fee, the fees for the cremation documents, the interment of the ashes, the scattering of the ashes, and the doctor’s fees.

If you would prefer to have a simpler funeral for the deceased, this can also be arranged, especially with a direct cremation. The direct cremation should already include the provision of a coffin, the care and collection of the person who has died, the transport to the crematorium, and the doctor’s fees.