Explore new places beyond the Amsterdam museum

Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands. Located between the IJ Bay to the north and the banks of the Amstel River to the southeast. Filled with a great cultural diversity in all aspects, this city is anything but boring. Many tourists are inclined to visit an Amsterdam museum in search of art and creativity. A good example is the Moco Museum located on the popular Museumplein. But this city has a wide variety of attractions that will captivate more than one. Something that attracts the attention of many visitors is the food. The gastronomic offer is very varied in Amsterdam. Enjoy everything from southern, French and international dishes, to classic restaurants, open-air restaurants and bistros. Just prepare your palate for an avalanche of flavors and textures that will stay in your memory forever.

A new taste every day

The flavors of Amsterdam are very varied. You can find everything from Michelin-starred restaurants to small terraces where you can spend a pleasant evening. Whatever your intention is when it comes to delighting your palate, you are sure to find a wide variety of options to choose from. If you prefer Italian pasta, the restaurant “Pasta e Basta” serves the best dishes accompanied by opera-singing waiters. If you want something quicker and less formal, the Febo establishments offer typical Dutch snacks such as croquettes, ‘frikadellen’ and cheese soufflés that you can get hot from their vending machines. If you are looking for a more natural touch, Kas restaurant is located in the old municipal greenhouse surrounded by its own orchards.

Have you heard of Heineken?

Amsterdam is not only perfect for tasting delicious dishes full of flavors and textures. It also offers a wide variety of establishments where you can taste different types of drinks. Let’s start with the world’s most popular beer produced in Amsterdam, Heineken. Here you can enjoy a special tasting thanks to the Heineken Experience. If you are in a country of beer lovers, you have to learn how to taste it properly. In case you are looking for a bit of history, the oldest distillery in the world is located in Amsterdam and is called “House of Bols”. In its Tasting Room you will have the chance to taste 38 different spirits. Or enter the Delfts Blauw Room, the World Cocktail Club and the mysterious Bols Gin Room. It is inevitable that the flavors of Amsterdam will remain etched in your memory forever.