Get rid of the virus by installing an antivirus program

If you wish to keep your pc free from virus, install antivirus software. Antivirus program [โปรแกรม antivirus, which is the term in Thai] keeps a tab on your computer by conducting scans, monitoring, heuristic analysis. They identify any kind of possible threats and remove them in order to keep your data safe. There can be malware in your system, a remote access Trojan, phishing, etc. There are many infected link or attachment that may contain malicious files or a rogue program when installed will infect your system. You cannot pinpoint the exact time when the virus may attack your system, but you can identify them by keeping an eye out for slow performance, browser pop-ups, or warning from the uninstalled security program.

Some of the symptoms of malware

  • Your PC may seem sluggish in its daily use. It may appear as though there is some additional software running in the background which may likely be chewing up resources.
  • You may find an additional toolbar that you haven’t installed in your browser that claims to make your search easy.
  • You may find web searches that you have never searched or your search may automatically be redirected to some site that you have never seen before.
  • The web pages may get overlaid with advertisements even on sites where you do not expect an advertisement.
  • You PC may get directed to spam advertising pages instead of your original search sites.
  • Your desktop shows advertising window which is not connected with your browsing history.

Ways to remove malware from PC

  • Install or update antivirus: If you have an antivirus installed in your PC, see to it that it is updated with its latest version. Vendors constantly keep their antivirus program updated to face new viruses. There are huge chances of virus infection if your antivirus software is not updated. If you do not have one installed, it is advisable that you install them immediately to tackle the problem of virus infection.
  • Revert to the old: If you have a system restore point, you can use them to reset your system. You can also use windows safe mode by restarting the PC. Deleting temp files is another option to revert to the old system that was free from any probable malware.
  • Cut the internet connection: If you come across RAT aboard the first thing that you should do is to cut off the internet connection. Install the latest antivirus software from a third party and in the infected system.