Grow Your Business with the Best Beekeeping supplies NZ

After human being, bees are the most socialized living things on this planet. People today are associated with many activities apart from doing a job, running business and education. Many people love spending times with nature too. Of course, nature is excellent. How about spending leisure with insects, after all, they are the right colour of nature.  As a homesteader, if you want to experience beekeeping at your home then before setting out for this journey, you must be prepared thoroughly. Mentioned below are some essential beekeeping supplies in nz which you must equip if you want to become a professional beekeeper. 

Essential Equipment for Beekeeping


  • Hives


Everybody knows what a hive is, undoubtedly. A hive is a place where bees live and socialize with each other. If you are a new one but very excited about beekeeping, then extensive research about the hives will be very beneficial. Research well about the particular hive which you want and see if it is comfortable for bees placement or not. Lang troth hives, top bar hive are some functional beehives you may choose. However, hobby and business are both different so you must select your beehives accordingly.


  • Frames


Rectangle shape materials that hang inside of a hive are the frames which act as a filling system. In these frames, the bees build their comb, and they also make honey, lay brood and live continuously throughout the winter preparing for their living. Now, you need to decide which type of frames will be beneficial for you while purchasing. Or if you are a beginner, you may choose a plastic foundation too as they are perfect for beginners.


  • Smoker


A smoker is a big priority, and you must include it in your beekeeping supplies nz. Usually, bees don’t care about smoke, and so if you are spreading smoke throughout the hive, bees are going to stay far away from you anyway. Therefore, it gives you less opportunity to get stung by them.


  • Hive Tool


A hive tool, no expensive but consider as one of the vital necessity when it comes to beekeeping. Since bees line up their hives in propolis, so a professional beekeeper always recommends you the hive tool. For insulation purposes or any other reasons, it is the glue that holds everything together. Sometimes it becomes challenging to pull out frames apart, and even hive bodies get apart, so in this situation, a hive tool works very well.


  • Queen Catcher


What does the name suggest or imply? Well, this tool is a fascinating one as it helps you to keep queens separated for a while when you want. It is a handy material tool and a strong one. If you are interested in catching queens, then you can place her in this catcher so you won’t lose her anyway in this process.


  • Bee Suit


Whether you want to be a professional beekeeper or want to do beekeeping as a hobby, bee suit is your saviour if you are surrounded with bees. It is one of the essential beekeeping supplies nz. For your safety and protection be sure to purchase some high-quality bee suit, that is comfortable, strong and fabrics are escalated.