How to Uncover the Best Bathroom Ideas & Inspiration

One of the best places to get bathroom ideas and inspiration is from bathroom showrooms in Melbourne. But there are other places to look too, including online for relevant articles, in print magazines, and even in other people’s bathrooms. Read on to find out more. 


There are countless websites including online magazines, blogs and other web media that can help you find the best bathroom ideas on offer. They often feature many different photos to show off a variety of looks. Online media is usually the most up to date source of current trends, as the ease of publication online means that articles and blogs are quickly updated and modified. Use search engines to find relevant articles such as the ‘Top 20 Bathroom Renovation Ideas’ or similar titles. If you have a specific requirement for your bathroom inspirations, such as bathroom looks on a budget, you can add that into your search query too.  


There are many different magazines available from your local newsagent or grocery store that focus on houses and renovations. They feature glossy photos of a variety of bathrooms that can spark ideas and inspiration for your own space. Whether it’s the kind of vanity unit used, the bathroom supplies visible, the storage options, or the kind of basin, there are so many sources of inspiration in magazines that showcase current trends from Europe and further afar. Magazines also offer something else to the home renovator – a source of images from which to make a mood and style board. Just cut out your preferred images from home magazines and stick them onto a sheet of cardboard paper. You can then start to see patterns in the kinds of styles and colours that you like the most. 

Friends and Family’s Bathrooms

It’s likely that when you’re visiting friends and family, at some point you will have to make a stop in their bathroom. This is a great excuse to see what kind of bathroom they have, and to take a moment to think if you would have renovated their bathroom differently to the way they have. This gives you experience of different bathrooms and allows you to think about why they work or why they don’t work. You can even compare notes with your partner when you’re home. Did they like the tiles? How about the vanity unit, or the claw-footed bath? Are these features you would also like in your bathroom? Whether you like their bathrooms or not, your friends and family can provide a lot of inspiration for what to do and what not to do when it comes to bathrooms. 

Bathroom Showrooms

Bathroom showrooms in Melbourne have a lot to offer you in terms of bathroom inspiration. You can be sure they’ll be showing you the latest trends in bathrooms when it comes to every single aspect that a bathroom needs to have, from showerheads and vanity units to towels and other linen. Bathroom showrooms are a one-stop shop for renovators, and they can quickly tell you if you have forgotten one or more pieces of the renovation puzzle. Bathroom showrooms in Melbourne also offer the expertise of their employees, who can quickly help you find what you need at the right price.