Improve Your Aiming Skills With These Actionable Tips

Every player knows the feeling of missing a headshot by just a few pixels. Aiming in online first person shooter games is also based on elements such as crosshair settings and game mechanics, and enhancing your aiming capabilities is a sure-shot way to get better at action-packed games instantly. 

Below mentioned tips and tricks will help you get better at aiming and reach the top of the scoreboard in any action game after winning. 

  • Know about your weaknesses: 

Most gamers frequently spend hours practicing their aim without assessing their points of weakness. Is it because of your slow reflexes? Maybe you are facing some trouble in tracking the enemies’ movements. There can be several reasons for poor aiming in games, and knowing about your weaknesses is the beginning step to improvement. 

Once you know where you are falling behind, you can practice shooting with the help of aim-training apps for some minutes daily. 

  • Enhance your gaming sense:

Many online shooter games and FPS games consist of specific areas in the game wherein you can camp or achieve a better shot at rivals. Knowing where these spots are and daily checking corners can be helpful and is a good way to get a few kills. Also, you can pre-fire corners if you are assured that an enemy is camping there. 

You can survive without a perfect aim if you know where enemies may hide. This intuition is referred to as ‘’game sense.’’ You can boost your gaming sense by – playing the game more frequently, watching trained gamers’ live streams, and viewing tutorials and training sessions over the internet.


  • Warm up before joining matches:

Going through a 10 to 15-minute warm-up session can put you in the zone and train you mentally for online combat. Many online and shooter games have a training mode wherein you can better your aim with bots or play short-duration matches to warm up.

  • A great aim can make all the difference while gaming: 

Your aim is a make-or-break factor in determining the result of a match. Aim training is as essential as playing the actual game, particularly if you are a professional player. Having a guide by your side can also let you get better at FPS. 

  • Don’t sprint while shooting: 

Like recoiling, the bullet spread mechanism is activated while you shoot and sprint simultaneously. This impacts your aim since many bullets cannot hit the target due to the spread. 

However, fixing this is simple. Do not sprint at all times when playing FPS games like Mech Arena, and move at a slow pace and check corners for rivals. Customize your crosshair size. 

The first step to follow before playing an FPS game is to tweak your crosshair. A small crosshair lets you aim precisely since you know where the bullet will hit the target. Few players go for a smaller square for their crosshairs, whereas others think their accuracy enhances with a dot crosshair, which is a personal preference. 


Though online video games were once quite clear-cut, this is not the situation today. The number of genres in the gaming industry is rising exponentially, and many sub-genres are also coming up, particularly as game developers are creating a mix and blending various types of games in new and surprising ways.