Keyless Entry for Residential Properties – Advantages & Disadvantages

You want to do everything possible to keep your home and family protected. Besides providing computerized security for your property, keyless home entry systems have taken the world by storm. It has several features that attract many homeowners who want to make a brilliant home with the most convenient and strongest locking and security frameworks.

Here is a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of installing keyless locks in your home so that you can settle on the best decision for your home and family.

Advantages of Keyless Home Entry 

  • Many people find it difficult to delve around for their keys in their pocket or tote. Keyless entry saves your energy required for looking for the door keys when you need to leave for a meeting urgently.
  • With a keyless entry, there is no risk of getting yourself locked out of your house. It frees you and your family members from the stress of being bolted out of your property. All you need is to punch the code in your locking device pad and walk into the house directly. Some latest keyless entry frameworks utilize unique mark acknowledgment, making it easier for you to get in.

Disadvantages of Keyless Home Entry 

  • While keyless home entry is straightforward and convenient, it does have a few disadvantages. One of those includes switching up your lock code regularly, though you can use a similar code for a long time. If you are bad at memory, a keyless entry framework shouldn’t be your cup of tea.
  • A keyless entry framework does not include keys, but it does not consistently work without embellishments. Some keyless entry systems have far off, allowing you to unlock the door as you pull in the carpet. It means a lost distant can lead to a similar security risk as a lost key.

Keeping the pros and cons of a keyless entry framework, you must pay special attention to your home and family’s security needs. If you think switching from customary locks to a keyless entry framework would work for you, consult experts at