Mandatory Information You Must Know About Mandalika Lombok

Located nearby Bali Island, Mandalika is picked as the next hidden gem of Indonesia tourism. It belongs to West Nusa Tenggara Province and has attracted lots of tourists over time. Comprising beautiful beaches and lush hills turns into a great place to enjoy nature and find peace. Even the government has provided various accommodations and facilities to encourage those who see the site. No wonder, many hotels can be found there, giving you a comfortable spot to stay when visiting Mandalika. Not to mention some couples choose it as their own honeymoon site.

The Most Favourite Places in Mandalika

Mandalika has the best features, which are the beaches. The crystal clear sea water and the crackling end never fail to meet those who visit those coastal locations.  There is a resort operating in that area so that guests may rent it for numerous purposes such as a honeymoon, family vacation, etc. From the trunk, hundreds of trees and a royal hill are seen clearly. Somehow, they create a serene atmosphere there.  In terms of nuance, it is a bit like that of Nusa Dua Bali!

Getting There

The first checkpoint is at Mataram City and it can be achieved either by plane or ferry from Bali Island. After travelers arrive, another destination will be Mandalika Bus Station. From that point, they could take a minibus to nearby tourist spots that take about 1 hour. Make sure to carry some money to lease a hotel room, however.

Recommendations Activities

In a nutshell, Mandalika is a good nature refuge and a wonderful spot to get closer to nature.  Many tourists come to the website to enjoy its beauty and learn a bit about Lombok culture. According to legend, the title Mandalika derives from a beautiful princess of the Sasak Tribe. The best action to take in Mandalika is researching its beaches, such as Tanjung Aan, Seger, Gerupuk, and Serenting.  All those beaches are indeed amusing, including flawless sea scenery and excellent waves.  It’s safe to say that they share similar features. The thing is, just some are appropriate for surfing. For instance, there is Ubrug Beach that becomes surfers’ favorite spot to enjoy the pastime. For those who don’t like surfing, then they can come to other shores that have thicker crystals and softer sand.

Mandalika is not only renowned for its natural beauty, but additionally, it offers a fascinating culture to master. The most well-known one is called Bau Nyale Festival, a joyous neighborhood event done frequently at a specific moment.  Even tourists are permitted to join it and take pleasure in the festival with the natives. So, what is this about? People that live in Mandalika would gather in a particular territory and search for earthworms. Those worms have been there since tens of thousands of years back and the locals consider them blissful.

Recommendations Accommodation

  1. Santika Mataram Hotel

Situated a 5-minute driveway from Cakra Negara Traditional Market, Hotel Santika Mataram offers an outdoor pool and gym. Free Wi-Fi is provided throughout the building. Guests are entitled to complimentary parking privileges. Hotel Santika Mataram is a 5-minute drive from Mataram Mall. Senggigi Beach is a 20-minute driveway, while Lombok International Airport is a 45-minute ride in the hotel.

  1. Novotel Hotel

Novotel Lombok Resort & Villas is situated in South Lombok. Presenting traditional architecture with modern comfort, it has three outdoor swimming pools, a private beachfront, and two restaurants. Decorated with local fabrics and contemporary furnishings, air-conditioned rooms have been outfitted with a wellness TV, personal safe and a mini-bar. Private baths have shower facilities. Guests can relax with a massage in the spa or across the beach, while children are entertained at the child’s club. Water sports activities like scuba diving and biking are also available at additional charges. Beach visits and cultural day excursions may also be ordered for free.

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