Prescription Medications That Can Become Addictive

It is not always safe for everyone to take medication simply because a doctor has prescribed it. Some individuals develop an addiction to illegal recreational drugs like cocaine or heroin. It is possible to develop an addiction to the drugs your doctor has given, though. If you get dependent on prescription medication, you might use it compulsively even when it hurts you.

Prescription medications vary in their addictiveness. The majority of addictive substances work by flooding your brain’s reward center with dopamine. This produces a pleasant high that may encourage you to use the substance once more. You might eventually start relying on the substance to make you feel normal or good. Moreover, you can grow tolerant to the medicine. This can encourage you to take higher dose.

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List of the medications that are most likely to become addictive:


Vicodin is an opioid pain reliever that, when misused, can have euphoric effects. Further, it produces severe withdrawal symptoms, which makes it difficult for patients to stop using the medication once they begin. The most frequent forms of abuse are crushing, snorting, and injecting, and they usually make withdrawal more difficult.


Even when taken as prescribed, some people find it difficult to stop using Demerol. The substance impairs the area of the brain that regulates pain and is addictive.  This prescription might be challenging to stop taking because of severe withdrawal symptoms such as fever, anxiousness, suicidal thoughts, and sadness.


An opioid called Darvocet is used to treat pain from severe wounds or major procedures.  It is risky to take this pain reliever in high dosages for an extended period because it also contains acetaminophen, which when taken in excess can harm the liver. If taken in an excessive amount at once, acetaminophen can potentially be fatal.

Addiction to prescription medications can be harmful to your health. You might also endanger your life by taking an overdose. Your business and relationships may suffer if you have a drug addiction. You may use several methods if you believe a loved one is addicted to prescription drugs.