Wedding Makeup Mistakes You Would Not Like To Make on Your Big Day

For a bride to achieve swoon-worthy bridal, her outfit and makeup game must be top of the line. Wedding outfits are something that a bride can select without much of a hitch either by herself or with the help of bridesmaids.

However, when it comes to wedding day makeup, it would be frivolous for a bride to rely on Internet suggestions or tips given by her bridesmaids. That’s where the role of a proficient makeup artist comes into play. A professional makeup artist is well aware of all ins and outs related to bridal makeup and ensure you get a flawless bridal look on your D day.

There are a lot of intricacies involved in doing bridal makeup that only a proficient bridal makeup artist can understand.  Therefore, instead of pursuing the makeup part on your own, you must rope in a distinguished makeup artist for the job. However, this article revolves around makeup mistakes that you would not like to have on a special day. Let’s get started.

  1. Don’t DIY Wedding Makeup

The top-notch mistake that you can commit is doing the makeup for the wedding on your own. No matter how proficient you are in applying makeup or no matter how extensive knowledge you have of makeup products, you will not be able to do an impeccable bridal makeup on your own. It requires immense patience and experience to derive a picture-perfect bridal makeup.

  1. Skipping Your Trial Sessions

Trial sessions are the creation of makeup artists to find out which makeup style fits best on an individual who is looking to get makeup done.

Though having trial sessions may cost you extra, but the investment will be worth at the end. We recommend you to book the trial session from a Top makeup artist in Pune to find out an exemplary wedding makeup look that will work for you. 

The best about attaining trial sessions is you don’t have to hustle hard at the wedding day in finding the right makeup look. Everything will be arranged for you, and you won’t have to look after trivial things.

  1. Applying Too Much Makeup

Sometimes, brides go over the board when it comes to applying makeup for the big day. Applying too much makeup in order to look outrageously beautiful can actually ruin your coveted wedding look. Instead of going over the board, strive hard to focus on maintaining your natural look with a smidgen of makeup.

  1. Not Using Right and Waterproof Mascaras

This one is without a shadow of a doubt no-brainer for brides-to-be. The sole purpose of applying waterproof Mascara is to protect your makeup from water splashes and excessive sweating. 

No matter whether you are a bridesmaid, a bride, or the guest, mascara is a mandatory thing, if you are going to have makeup for the big day. Also, make sure not to use non-waterproof mascara, otherwise, it will completely ruin your makeup.

  1. Don’t Try Something New At The Last Moment

A wedding day is unquestionably the most significant day for any bride-to-be. However, you should avoid trying some new bridal makeup trend at the last moment in order to avoid any embarrassment because of trying something new.

If you have already selected an alluring makeup look for the big day after multiple trial sessions, what is the point of inculcating something new at the last moment?

  1. Glitter

There was a time when using excess glitter along with wedding makeup was one of the top-notch trends. However, nowadays, glittermakeup look is considered as quite weird and obsolete. Not only excess of glitter can hamper your wedding photographs but also utilizing glitter may enhance your makeup budget.

  1. Don’t Rely Too Much on Trends

If something is riding high on-trend doesn’t mean that thing is good for you. Similarly, most of the brides-to-be get caught hard in the bridal makeup trends and end up getting confused. Following swoon-worthy trends is a subtle thing, however, when following trends, there is no need to go overboard.

Instead, go for timeless and ageless trends that look stunning and graceful at the same time. In that way, you can avoid a lot of wedding makeup flaws which usually happen when you are in a jiffy. If you want a drop-dead gorgeous and classic look, ask your makeup artist to deliver the particular makeup look that resonates with your personality

    8. Too Much Sticky Lips

To keep your lips shiny and non-sticky, go for matte lipsticks rather than creamy or sticky lipsticks. The key reason to avoid excessive lip gloss or creamy lipsticks is they wear off expeditiously and are quite sticky which is not the right thing for you if you are planning to keep your hairs open on the wedding day.