What are the best apps to make the most of your summer?

For many of us, summer is the best time of the year. We’re all hoping for an amazing summer, full of fun and adventures, and your smartphone is the best way to make sure nothing ruins it. Check out the apps we’ve selected to help you make the most of the season and make each day even better.

Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference App

Summer is often synonymous with sunshine, and most of us have experienced the pain of sunburn. This sun exposure app helps you protect your precious skin, providing essential information about SPF levels, UV levels, UV index forecasts, sunrise and sunset times, and weather forecasts.

With the Wolfram Sun Exposure Reference app, you’ll be able to manage the time you spend outside. One of the best aspects of this app is that you can get personalized information and results based on the information you share and report.

Find My Friends

Have you ever lost your friends at a festival, on a busy beach or at a major public event? Sometimes you just can’t hear your phone ringing and even if they do pick up, it’s often impossible for them to describe where they are. That’s where the Find my Friends app comes in – it shows your friends’ exact locations and includes a chat function, making it easy to meet up with them again.


When your phone runs out of battery charge, it’s not only frustrating – it can wreck your day, harm your ability to do your job or even put you in danger. Using a battery saver app like Greenify helps you to identify the apps you’re not really using, so they can be put into hibernation, saving you serious energy.

First Aid by American Red Cross

Accidents happen more often during summer. The American Red Cross First Aid app provides all the information you need to help people during emergency situations, while waiting for rescue.

Following the step-by-step instructions in this must-have app can save lives – there’s no excuse not to download it!


If you’re an online trader, you know that nothing is more annoying that missing out on a great opportunity. The Almahfaza app is good to follow the financial markets, wherever you find yourself this summer. Almahfaza will be your connection to world of online trading, allowing you to open and close all positions on the go.

Almahfaza provides the smoothest and most satisfying mobile trading experience you could wish for. In addition to providing superb trading conditions, you can use the Almahfaza app to  trade more than 300 of the world’s most popular financial assets in one place. Whether you’re a Gold bug, an Oil baron or a Currency king, this is the one app you need to stay right on top of all those price movements.