Why Good Deeds Day Has Become So Popular Around The world

Ever since its inception in March 2007, every culture, background, people have been reached with acts of good deeds, putting a smile on the faces of strangers and friends alike and simply spreading good cheer around the world. It might seem absurd that a day is being set aside to celebrate something as ‘trivial’ as a good deed. But in a world as selfish and despicable as the one we currently live in, a good deed should be remembered and celebrated, as that may be able to urge the next person to show an act of kindness to another, and thus spreading the whole idea of doing a good deed around the world.

Every new anniversary gave the team a wider reach, more media coverage, and took them to more people who were in need of a good deed. Like a wildfire it has spread through the world, with lives being touched and smiles were plastered on faces, it is safe to say that Good Deeds Day has changed the lives of people all over the world.

The popularity of Good Deeds Day

As expected, the whole idea of being nice to both people you know and people you do not know, especially the latter, being propagated by a group of people are named the ‘Good Deeds Day’ has received a great amount of support around the world, thus aiding in its unending popularity.

Just like the global hand washing day, people most times need a certain amount of motivation to do things we would rather term trivial and unimportant. So when the idea of a day specially set aside to do a good deed or two for the next person came up, it was widely accepted. Thus the popularity.

It is easier to hear a mother tell her kid to do something nice for her classmate, or for the homeless man down the street because today is ‘Good Deed Day’ and the kid takes it to heart.

So, from one person to the other. From those who were willing to do a good deed, to those who were waiting on a good deed, the news spread, went viral, and in the last 13 years, the concept of the Good Deeds Day has been embedded into the life of the average man.

The Good Deeds Day represents a part of humans that has most people think do not exist anymore. A part that cares, shares and is inclined to love. A part that doesn’t discriminate or hate, it shows that humans are redeemable and that one good deed truly does deserve another. The Good Deed Day in 2016 had received the 2016 George W. Romney Affiliate Excellence Award, for outstanding excellence in addressing community needs.