Why Should You Consider Applying for SBI Clerk in 2021?

SBI Clerk’s role is one of the most lucrative positions in the public banking sector, with impressive growth prospects and job security. If you are one of the several million candidates aspiring to apply for this position, it’s essential to assess the SBI Clerk eligibility criteria. This way, you can ensure that you meet the age, educational qualification, and other basic requirements before you set out to register and apply for the SBI clerk exams.

Here are some reasons why you should consider applying for the SBI Clerk position:

Largest Public Bank

SBI is one of the most reputed banks in the public banking sector. It has a network of close to 13,000 branches with few international branches, five associate banks, and seven non-banking subsidiaries. About 5000 to 7000 vacancies are announced by the SBI every year. Thus, candidates need to get a head start to clear the SBI Clerk preliminary exam’s selection criteria, main exam, and the final group discussion and Interview process. As you move through each phase of selection, you have better prospects of landing an SBI clerk role.

Attractive Compensation Package

SBI provides the best in industry salary packages with several benefits and allowances depending on the region you get posted. Along with basic pay, various perks, including dearness allowance, accommodation, medical coverage, pension benefits, and more, are provided. Besides, you can expect increments according to the years of service in the role, with promising growth prospects as well.

With such an attractive compensation package, several aspirants look forward to applying for the role, and hence the competition is higher. Therefore, to ensure that your application is accepted, take a careful look at the SBI Clerk eligibility criteria. Once your application is accepted, it’s time to prepare for the exams and ace the selection process.

Solid Career

Even if you start as an SBI Clerk initially, you can move up the ladder and reach the executive management cadre depending on your merits and performance. SBI provides several promotion opportunities for suitable candidates.

Open Door for Opportunities

SBI is a bank that has probably touched upon millions of lives, and its reach in the financial world is immense. Thus, the experience, exposure, and skill development you can expect by working in SBI are way better than working in other banks or industries. Besides, with your experience working in SBI, you can gain entry into any other financial institution or even be considered for roles within the associate banks of SBI or other institutions tied with SBI, thereby widening your opportunities.

Job Safety and Security

Compared to other industries or private banks, landing a role in SBI as a clerk may provide more job stability and security. As the bank has a solid reputation and has employee-friendly work policies, you can be assured of a long-term and rewarding career.

Thus, with immense opportunities, the SBI clerk role is a dream come true for many aspirants who compete for this position. Before you start with the formal SBI clerk application process, it’s best to carefully examine the SBI clerk eligibility criteria. As a result, you can submit adequate proof to ensure that your application is not rejected and move forward to the subsequent phases of the selection process.