Why You Need To Use Fleetwood Windows in you Next Renovation Project


When you get ready to renovate and upgrade your home look first to Fleetwood Windows Los Angeles. They have the best designs and quality materials to enhance the beauty and energy efficiency of your home. Their aluminum products stand out from other brands in beauty, curb appeal, and durability, using high-quality materials. Fleetwood windows have built a reputation of being their industries leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly workmanship.

Why Aluminum Windows

  • Fleetwood products come with a lifetime warranty. It is your guarantee that you have made the right choice.
  • Aluminum has a strength that is said to be equal to steel. It can support the weight of whatever your project may require. Since it is so lightweight and can be cut very narrowly, it will not take up as much space as traditional products like wood or vinyl. Aluminum can support large heavy window panes.
  • Aluminum naturally resists corrosion. Aluminum corrosion is called oxidation. The aluminum oxide that results, forms a thin and effective barrier and protects the aluminum from continued corrosion.
  • Anodized aluminum is naturally slippery and most things cannot stick to it. It resists weathering and is easier to clean than other materials.
  • All windows will eventually have to be replaced, but aluminum windows will last decades longer than wood or vinyl.
  • Aluminum production involves much scrap and waste and Fleetwood recycles all of its aluminum by melting it down and turning it back into aluminum, preventing it from going to landfills.

Looking Good Inside And Out

Not only do aluminum windows look good from the outside, but they also help create naturally lit living spaces on the inside. If you have a breathtaking view outside of your home, spacious Fleetwood windows can frame it beautifully. Aluminum can be molded into whatever shape or size you require. Other building materials may not be as flexible.

Energy-Efficient Option

Aluminum covered wood is one of the choices that are available since energy efficiency is important. These are a little more expensive to install, but your energy savings over the years will surpass the cost. Aluminum shows on the exterior of your home and the wood in the interior. The wood provides insulation and is protected from weathering.

Window Insulation

Fleetwood windows offer thermally broken windows. The thermally broken frame has a reinforced non-metal material fixed between the inside and outside that creates an insulated barrier within the window frame. Thermally broken windows aid with energy efficiency and provides condensation control.

Window Sashes

In a double-hung window, both sashes in the window frame can move in and out. In single-hung windows only the bottom sash moves the same way. This feature makes cleaning your windows easier and allows you to open the windows easily.

Quieting Things Down

Aluminum has a naturally built-in ability to provide soundproofing. Wood and vinyl conduct vibrations more readily than aluminum. This makes aluminum windows in the bedrooms of your home more desirable than possibly any of the other rooms.

Environmental Preservation

Aluminum is found naturally almost anywhere on the earth. Making aluminum does not mean endangering a forest habitat or creating environmental damage in its production. Once the aluminum has been made, it can be recycled when needed, making it a perpetually reusable product. The glass used in the production of Fleetwood windows is also recycled. Fleetwood windows Los Angeles can offer you the greenest way to renovate your home.