Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Kill Fleas And Other Pests?

There’s very few things worse than finding fleas in carpet that has just been installed in your home. You don’t know how they got in there but your pet is itching and biting and you’ve found a few of the tiny little nuisances jumping on and off your leg or arm. 

It’s gross and it’s no way to live, either for you, your family, or your pet. But while getting rid of fleas can be a multifaceted process, you have a very powerful ally on your side in your local littleton co carpet cleaners. That’s because professional carpet cleaning is quite effective at killing fleas and other tiny pests that are lurking in your pet’s fur and ending up falling in between the fibers of your carpeting. 

But you must also remember that carpet cleaning is one part of the equation. Just because you give your carpets a good deep cleaning one time doesn’t mean that the infestation is at an end. In fact, your carpets can get re-infested if the source of the problem isn’t eradicated. 

To do that, you must find where the fleas are coming from first. If you have a pet in the house you can bet that your dog or cat is the host and the fleas are living and breeding in their fur. A flea can lay about 20 to 25 eggs in a day and those eggs will soon give way to larvae hatching more fleas. When you’re dealing with a cycle that significant, you need to do all you can to wipe out the infestation as fast as possible. 

Professional carpet cleaning can help. Steam is the answer. 

Steam Cleaning to Kill Fleas

Most homeowners will try to vacuum the carpeting in the home to remove flea eggs and larvae. But that doesn’t always solve the problem as dry vacuuming is not always as effective at getting to those hard to reach areas where eggs and larvae live. 

But steam won’t just get into every last nook and cranny of the carpet but the extreme heat will wipe out those pests at first contact. Fleas in any life stage can’t survive any temperatures of 100 degrees are hotter. 

Therefore, steam cleaning your carpets can do double duty of eliminating all the dirt, grime, and bacteria that gets ground deep down in the fibers of your carpeting and killing all of the fleas that are living and yet to be born inside of it. 

Word of Warning

Two actually. The first being that steam cleaning is good at killing fleas but unless you kill the fleas at the source with a strong flea treatment your carpets will just get infested again with more eggs and larvae dropping from your pet when it lies down or walks across the carpet. 

The second word of warning is to limit how often you steam clean your carpet. Don’t expect to steam the carpets repeatedly to get at the flea infestation within. Too much moisture can destroy the carpet with the fleas.