100% Organic and Safe Nutritional Supplements by Amway India


Amway India brings to you an exclusive range of personal care, home care and health care products. With over 400 different product categories being sold in close to 100 countries, this company thrives on providing great quality and result oriented products. The nutrition range by Amway, Nutrilite is one of the best-selling nutritional supplement brands across the globe today. These products cater to a wide range of requirements and have several benefits.

Why Are Nutrilite Products Different?

Nutrilite by Amway is a globally recognized nutrition brand that is known for result oriented formulas and some of the best quality nutritional products available today. Some features of this brand include:

  • The best of Science: All the key ingredients in Amway products are tested using the best scientific methods. This not only guarantees products that are high in quality but also give you the most potent ingredients that will help you progress in your fitness journey faster. Every key ingredient is also extensively researched to make sure that it adds value to every formula.
  • 100% organic ingredients: Nutrilite is the only supplement brand in the world that makes use of plants that are grown and harvested in their own farm. These farms are 100% organic to ensure that the products do not contain chemicals, toxins or any other harmful ingredients.
  • The best of natural products: The best thing about these nutritional products by Amway India is that they make use of plant extracts, herbal extracts and other botanical ingredients to create the different formulations. The concentrates used in these supplements are obtained from plants that have been grown under the best conditions in organic farms maintained by them.

Types of Amway India Products

The range of products in the Nutrilite Range by Amway can be broadly categorized into three types:

  • Foundational Supplements: These products fulfil the most basic nutritional needs. These basic nutrients are divided into macronutrients, micronutrients and phytonutrients. This range of products by Nutrilite includes protein drinks, omega-3 supplements, multivitamin supplements and also exclusive supplements with concentrated vegetables and fruits.
  • Targeted Supplements: The supplements cater to any specific requirements that you have in order to help you achieve optimal health. The products in this line include supplements for joints, heart, memory, vision, energy, immunity, digestion, better sleep, weight management and even specially formulated kids supplements.
  • Convenience products: These products make it easier for you to get nutrition on the go when you need it. This includes all-in-one supplements and even vitamin beverage infusers that you can use as per your convenience.

Where to Buy

While there are several individual distributors selling Nutrilite products, the best and most convenient option for you to get this supplement is HealthKart. This is one of the most reliable online portals that helps you get all the supplements that you need at great prices and combo deals. Compare different brands and products before buying and have them delivered to your doorstep within 7 business days.