4 Awesome Social Night Ideas for When Your Friends Come Over

It is always great fun to socialize with friends and if you are hosting a night in there are plenty of innovative and interesting activities you can arrange to make the evening one to remember.

Here are some ideas to inspire you that you might want to use when you are trying to arrange a social night and want it to be as awesome as possible.

Everyone loves a movie night

A night at your local movie theater is a fun thing to do but why go to the local pictures when the show can come to you instead?

You could host a movie night for your friends and in order to make the event special you might want to think about getting an outdoor projector screen.

There is something really magical about watching one of your favorite movies while sitting under the stars and with lots of blankets and a decent supply of popcorn you have all you need to create an amazing experience when you set up an outdoor projector screen and invite a crowd around for the event.

Host a game night

Board and card games are not just for the holiday season and most of your friends will be more than happy to get an invite to a game night.

If you aren’t sure whether you want everyone to play monopoly or maybe have a go at Twister, a good call would be to tell each friend you invite to bring their own favorite game that they like to play.

Once everyone has arrived and you have a choice of games, take a vote on which is the most popular choice and let the fun begin.

Enjoy a camping adventure in your backyard

This idea works perfectly alongside the movie night suggestion and it can become a truly memorable event when you invite your friends to come camping in your backyard.

Tell everyone to bring their own tent and any other camping gear they have and you can then set up a campsite in your garden and fire up the barbecue for some fireside laughs and good food.

Camping is always an adventure and you don’t have to travel anywhere to enjoy an amazing communal gathering that everyone will love and end up talking about afterward, especially if you throw in a movie experience on the same evening.

Host a karaoke party

There often seems to be a definite mix of abilities when it comes to friends enjoying a night of karaoke fun and that is what makes the event so enjoyable.

There are those who don’t like to grab the microphone until they have had a drink or two and others who like to sing to an audience regardless of whether they are singing the right notes or not.

One thing is for sure, hosting a karaoke party for your friends is likely to result in lots of laughter and even a few embarrassing recordings to share with each other.

When you are planning the next get together with friends at your house try some of these suggestions and the fun will carry on throughout the evening.