Airtel Bill Payment – The Smartest Way To Use Technology

If you are one of the Indian subscribers from a subscriber base of 264.58 million that Bharti Airtel currently has in India, you would one of the lucky ones to have the facility to make online Airtel bill payment. This payment you can either process through the brand website of Airtel or use the Airtel App. Ever since resellers have entered into the foray of electronic bill payments, things have become easier and better for the end consumer, though the virtual medium itself has become too competitive for the service providers.

Some of the best-known names in the Indian reseller scenario today are – MobiKwik, PhonePe and Paytm. The good thing is that unlike cellular operators like Airtel, their service is not limited to just enabling online recharge of prepaid connections and Airtel bill payment of post-paid connections. Resellers resell all kinds of services online – it could be an e-commerce service where they bring different merchandising items right to your living rooms to enabling payments of utility bills to facilitate online booking of air and train tickets. In fact, you can download the App of any one of the resellers’ mentioned here and use it for conducting almost all kinds of services where electronic payments suffice.

How to make Airtel bill payments using reseller Apps and sites?

  1. The first step is to download the App on your smartphone. Alternately you can use the browser-enabled website on your hand phone too.
  2. The next thing to do is to register with the reseller that is usually free of service.
  3. Now you are ready to use the reseller site for all services that the said virtual reseller offers.
  4. For making online payment, use your login id and password to open the App or check into the browser site.
  5. Choose the bill payment option. Select Airtel as the cellular operator.
  6. Provide your mobile number next and mention the amount and click on the payment tab.
  7. Within few seconds to about a minute, the app or the site will ask you for a payment method.
  8. Choose the method that suits you the best, give the asked for and your transaction is almost about to get over.
  9. The moment the money is debited from your bank account, credit card account or e-wallet you will be notified instantly. Simultaneously you will receive a confirmed message from the reseller.

Sometimes the payment does not get through because of network traffic or server issues or if the payment gateway is down. In this case, the user is immediately informed via a SMS or a message that the transaction did not complete and that the payment did not process. Most of the times, this happens before the money is deducted from your end. However, if the money does get deducted without the payment being a success, then the deducted amount is returned within a certain period. It is only in minimal cases, that the money goes untraced and is not returned to the subscriber.