2019s Most Popular Recreational Activities

Trends are changing across the globe as social media, search engines, websites, and advertising focuses on five main recreational activities that are changing the way we live. In this blog we are going to look at what is popular and why.

Let’s get straight to it:

  1. Brain Training

Keeping our brains active is said to help us stay alert and also sleep better. Now both of these might sound contradictory to one another. They are, but when it comes to improved sleep, having a tidy brain with organized thoughts is essential to a good night’s sleep. Meditation certainly requires brain training to some extent. You are effectively training your brain to switch off.

Other brain training activities are those that keep your mind sharp. Playing strategy games can really help. Chess, backgammon, card games like poker or blackjack (bot require strategy), and other games that require deep strategic thought while also being exhilarating keep our minds sharp.

  1. Exercise

I remember my grandad saying, ‘How can running be fun when all it does it hurt and make you feel too tired for work the next day’. Exercise does not have to be something that hurts as long as you are at least doing some exercise. Even an hour walk around a park raises your heart rate and counts as exercise. It is something that is being heavily promoted online today.

With populations around the world becoming increasingly aware of how important exercise is for your health and beauty, more people than ever before are playing sport, running, and becoming more active. It is mostly the younger generation getting involved as the older generation were never educated in the same way as the younger generation. That is simply down to the improvement in science and funding for scientific research.

  1. Online Gaming

On the one hand, the younger generation are exercising more. On the other hand, they are also playing games online quite often. Online gaming is said to be great for part 1 of this article which is brain training. Gaming keeps your mind alert. However, sometimes gamers play too much to detriment of number 2, which is exercise. A good mix of both works best.

That said, some studies show that online gaming raises your heart rate, which is good for the heart so long as the heart rate isn’t also raising blood pressure because of stress. Yes, gaming can cause stress for the more competitive individuals out there. These are the people that hate losing and get angry when they lose, and in turn, their stress levels go up.

Either way, online gaming here is to stay. The market is said to heading towards a worth in excess of $130 billion by the turn of the next decade.

Mobile gaming is by far the most popular form of online gaming today with programs like c9bets 918Kiss app where people can play real money gaming the perfect of example of a mobile gaming application that has taken Malaysia by storm.

  1. Healthy Eating

This perhaps goes hand in hand with exercise and brain training. While online gaming helps to exercise the brain and possibly helps to raise healthy heart rate levels through the enjoyment of playing games, exercise helps to increase heart rates in addition to burning calories, and brain training keeps our minds alert, none of this matters if we are eating the wrong types of foods.

Eating healthily has miraculously been turned into a hobby for some people. Going out to find vegan restaurants, places that specialise in carb free menus, and discovering fast good restaurants that produce healthy food are all becoming recreational activities.

Dining out has always been a recreational activity, but now it seems that the excitement of dining out has been enhanced due to so many people suddenly becoming so health conscious.

Tell Us About Other Popular Activities That Are Trending

If you enjoyed reading this, then please get involved and leave a comment. Let us know about some of the activities that you and your friends as well as family enjoy. What changes have you seen over the last few years when it comes to recreational activities? Do you think less people smoke these days? Is drinking becoming a dying hobby? Are the days of meeting friends at the bar being replaced by more healthier activity options?

We would live to hear your thoughts on this subject!