Tips to Score more in Physics

Physics is an enjoyable subject when approached and studied in a proper manner with ideal methodologies. Most students feel physics as a tough subject to crack, while selected students feel physics is fun to learn. When you are an IIT-JEE aspirant, definitely physics is a key subject to understand and crack. Many teaching facilities and educational researchers feel that since physics require application-level knowledge, lack of this skill makes the subject tough.

Here are some of the preparation tips for JEE advanced exam that are made in examination point of students to score high. Experts in physics feel relying on NCERT syllabus is the key for the preparations and is a useful tip to be followed strictly.

  • Be very much familiar with the NCERT syllabus and the topics of more importance. There are topics which have to be known from the topic point of view and other topics require application-level ability.
  • Strong foundation knowledge in all three subjects like physics, chemistry, and mathematics are chief ingredients to excel in IIT-JEE exam. Know the core topics which fetch you more marks and concentrate more on these topics.
  • Refer and follow good textbooks and reference guides in all subjects and especially for a subject like physics, it is advisable to refer DC Pandey physics book. It is one of the most popular reference guides in physics and is a one-stop solution for practicing both the numerical and the theory part of the syllabus.
  • DC Pandey physics book is considered to be the best book since it offers a stepwise solution to all the chapters which are well-organized in an easy to approach manner.
  • Also, refer to other books by HC Verma and Igor Irodov for the complete hold of the subject and to gain confidence.
  • Concentrate on topics like modern physics, Magnetics, Optics, Laws of motion, Electrostatics, Current Electricity, Heat and Thermodynamics since they have more marks allocated as per the syllabus.
  • Have a grip on these topics too like conservation of momentum, Newton’s law of cooling; Young’s double slit experiment, gravitation, rotational motion, wave optics, and conduction.
  • Key preparation tips for JEE advanced exam include practicing bundle of sample and previous year question papers to make you aware of the level of difficulty, analyze the pattern of the question paper and to estimate your preparation level.

Follow these tips with regular smart study to excel in IIT-JEE and board examinations. Make an effort to understand the topics of class 11 and class 12 with clarity in concepts. When following offline coaching, analyze the study material and the coverage of the topics.

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