4 Kid-Friendly Homemade Evening Snacks

Snack time is the ideal opportunity to trick your kids into consuming some extra nutrition and minerals. Evening hunger pangs are the most counted scenario of the day for kids. Kids always look forward to delicious foods that are inviting. However, besides making them tasty, you must also be careful about the food being an energy-booster that is needed by the kids to continue their activities.

Packages and readily available snacks might fail to deliver them the right nutritional balance and might harm their body system in the long run. Here are some homemade delicious and nutritious snacks for kids that would help supply your little bombs with some additional dosage of energy.

  • Energy Bar 

Energy bars make for the best snacks for kids tiffin. It is a brilliant way to push some dry fruits and nuts down their system. The energy bards can keep their bodies full for a long time and deliver them with the right nutrition besides boosting their energy. Stocking up on energy bar recipes will help you feel at ease and will take your pressure off of serving them the right snacks. 

By having ample snack bar recipes, you can stay away from handing down junk food to them. Every week you can experiment with the flavor and the ingredients of the snack bar for a change of taste and store it inside the refrigerator. 

  • Healthy Sandwiches

Sandwiches are one of the go-getter snacks for kids that can become a parent’s savior for their child’s sudden hunger pangs. Sandwiches are an excellent way to incorporate veggies and protein into the diet of a child. The things that you can use to fill sandwiches are endless-eggs, paneer, mashed potatoes, tomatoes, cheese, cucumbers, carrots, ham, chicken, broccoli, and even the dals like moong, rajma, and sprouts. You can choose to prepare healthy cutlets and position them in the middle of the sandwich and consider grilling the whole thing on a griller or a Tawa.

Some of these sandwiches can be packed as snacks for kid’s tiffin. Complement the sandwich lunchbox with their favorite smoothie or even freshly ground juice.

  • Nutritional Frankie

Frankies are similar to sandwiches and one amongst the favorite snacks for kids. Kids love Frankies because they are easy to hold and resemble the crunchy roti which Frankies are made up of makes it a tasty binge-snack for them. The best part about Frankies is that they can easily be packed into the lunchboxes of kids and makes for a quick picnic recipe as well.

When kids return from the -playground in the evening, serve them Frankies with a glass of their favorite smoothie to make for a nourishing snack. 

  • Delicious Smoothie

Smoothies and milkshakes are excellent ways to introduce various kinds of seasonal fruits. Additionally, smoothies are also a tasty way to incorporate dry fruits like fresh fruits-walnuts, almonds, raisins, dates, and figs into the diet chart of kids. You can also add some cocoa powder to the smoothie to enhance its taste and to make it interesting for kids.

There are myriad snack options for kids that you can consider to feed their tummies, sans compromising on their nutritional balance. These snacks are perfect for kids can instantly provide them with energy to last for a long time.