5 Top Reasons to Install a Gas Log Heater

Not sure about installing gas log heaters? Here are five top reasons to install gas log fires in Melbourne. Read on to find out more. 

Create a Unique Ambience

When it comes to gas log fires in Melbourne, there are many fashionable styles and models available. Just some of the options for beautiful aesthetics include ceramic logs, fire glass, lava rock and fire stone. Gas log heaters can be freestanding units or can be a feature of a wall of your home. They can even be installed in the wall between two rooms, with the heater viewable or useable from either room. If you’re after something to match your décor, you’re in luck, as there are so many different looks to choose from when it comes to gas log heaters, with options ranging from traditional to contemporary. 

Enjoy the Ultimate in Convenience

Unlike wood fireplaces, gas log fires in Melbourne are highly convenient, as they require no set-up and turn on at the push of a button or the turn of a knob. On the other hand, wood fireplaces not only need setting up, but they also need preparation of wood – you will need the tools for chopping, the muscles for hauling and the space for storing. But with gas log heaters, immediate flames and heat are available. You also won’t need to worry about creepy crawlies gaining entry into your home with the storage or transfer of logs into your house. 

Different Venting Options

Gas log fires in Melbourne offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to installation, as you don’t have to find a large area for gas log heaters any more. Even smaller areas are typically fine for the installation of a gas fireplace. This is because there are a range of different venting options currently available, including a direct vent preference that can vent through an exterior wall. There are such things as unvented gas log fires, but some states have restrictions on installation of unflued gas log heaters

Economical Home Heating

If you’re looking for an economical form of home heating, gas log fires in Melbourne could be the perfect choice. Not only do gas log heaters provide immediate heat in a room, but they are also very cost-effective as they can be used only in the rooms that are being used. You can install numerous gas log fires in any rooms that you usually use and require to be heated on a regular basis. This is a practice called ‘zoning’, where only the zones of the home that are being used are heated, thereby saving considerable money on your heating costs. 

Safer and Less Maintenance

Gas is famously a very clean burning fuel, so when you install a gas log fire, you don’t have to deal with fumes or other contaminants in the air or any solid waste. This is in stark contrast to wood burning fireplaces that create smoke, embers and ash that requires constant clean-up. Gas log heaters hardly require any maintenance, too – only a yearly check-up by a qualified professional to ensure the safety of your unit.