Attorney Fees in Idaho

Attorney fees in Idaho vary widely depending on the skill, experience, and your negotiation abilities. However, generally, established lawyers across the country charge a commission between 25%-40%. This commission is dependent on the final settlement amount. These fees may seem extremely high. However, usually in auto cases with grave injuries, these fees can mean a lot of respite to you, and your family. For example, your case might go on for a year, while you are saddled with heavy medical debt. In cases with commission, lawyers usually do not charge other fees. Hence, you are free to wait for the settlement amount without worrying about any legal fees. Below are 3 key benefits a local Boise Idaho auto accident lawyer will bring to your legal battle. 

Local Laws 

Local lawyers are bound to have local knowledge of county, and state laws. This can be crucial, as legal framework; requirement for insurance, final compensation varies widely depending on the local laws. Additionally, your local attorney can get you local reliable estimate of your medical costs, repair costs, and other damages. This will ensure a reliable estimate of your settlement, which usually means a reliable payout. 


Insurance vary widely in each states. For example, in Idaho, you are not required to purchase a PPP insurance, also known as personal injury protection insurance. While this may sound like a good idea, it can come back to bit in special cases where the other party is not insured. Hence, in such cases, you may need to file a case against your insurance company to pay for your medical bills, and psychological damage, apart from loss of income. Furthermore, such costs can also be covered through health insurance, if necessary. An experienced attorney can deal with such cases without a worry to you,  and with assurance of maximum payout. Keep in mind, most lawyers are invested in you, thanks to the commission. 


Idaho legal framework operates on comparative negligence. This means, the jury will determine your relative fault in the case in relation to the other driver. If this is the case, you will need a thorough investigation to establish fault, especially in difficult-to-prove cases like speeding, failing to yield, and more. An experienced lawyer can do so in several ways, including collecting video footage through local traffic police, taking footage from video camera in commercial properties, and even detecting manufacturing faults. A local attorney will also provide special insights in dealing with the local law enforcement agencies, which will be handy to your case.