Three Tips in Making Your Kitchen Party-Ready

The holidays season is fast approaching. It’s high time to pull down those dusty boxes and start designing your home with twinkling lights, a Christmas tree, socks, Santa Claus figurines, and other decorations. Many people would usually focus on setting up the halls, living room, front, and backyards but fail to input the holiday spirit to their kitchen.

Aside from giving it a yearend makeover by cabinet refacing Cypress, you can also get crafty and design your countertop just in time for the holidays. To help you, we’ve gathered some ideas to turn your countertop from dull to flashy and glitzy.

Consider your countertop space.

Before you jump right into buying or adding decorations, you need to consider your countertop space. An extensive design would be good only if you have a larger countertop space. For smaller ones, you may consider incorporating subtle decors not to make it too overwhelming.

Add classic ornaments

There are a lot of possible decors for your kitchen countertop, like holiday-themed glass ornaments, garlands, countertop trees, colored glass balls, and gingerbread houses. Compared to the usual design for other areas in your home, things you need to buy for the kitchen are a little more expensive. You may check your store or buy from garage sales to lessen the cost.

Don’t forget the kitchen’s functionality.

Although adding some designs to your countertop can level up the holiday spirit, it’s still important that your kitchen is fully functional. Avoid going overboard to the point that you can’t do basic cooking activities because of your decorations. If you utilize every bit of your kitchen every day, consider making containers, jars, storage, and other kitchen appliances a form of decoration to follow the season.

Add festive lightings

Illuminate your home with a dual purpose by adding holiday lights into your kitchen. After renovating your cooking area by cabinet refacing La Verne, you can add some accents to the cabinets by putting festive lights on them. Brighten the darker areas too, and add more lights to the top and bottom of the countertop too.

For more tips and tricks concerning countertop holiday designing, visit this infographic provided by Kitchen Cabinet Refacing.

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Tips on Decorating Your Kitchen Countertop during Holidays