How to find the appropriate heat pump?

With exterior and interior heat pump remedies, professional companies have been bringing the heat pump experience right into your home for many years. Which heat pump is best for you: the ground resource, air resource, or water source heat pump? A professional company will find an option that perfectly meets your needs. Something all heat pump companies share: they care for your living convenience and your wellness.

You don’t have to make a decision alone on which heat pump is appropriate for your house. Get in touch with the international companions, who will be more than happy to suggest your decision.

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Why choose a heat pump?

Are you trying to find an ecologically liable heating unit? If you opt for a heat pump as your heater, you will not have to depend on nonrenewable fuel sources. This suggests you will lower your carbon footprint, to the benefit of the environment.

Heat pumps transform energy stored airborne, water, or under the ground right into heating power. Which’s not all! Combined with a DHW cylinder, this technique of home heating guarantees you a reliable residential hot water supply. The three natural elements mentioned above include products of power that are always available. Heat pumps are part of the power shift.

How does a heat pump work?

A heat pump uses energy from the environment as well as converts it right into warmth for your house. Initially, the heat energy present in water, the ground, outside air or remove air is moved to a cooling agent using a warmth exchanger, or evaporator. With the help of a compressor, the refrigerant increases this energy to a greater temperature level, making it appropriate, by means of one more warm exchanger, or condenser, for the heating system or DHW home heating.

Depending upon the power source, as many as four components of ecological energy can be converted to home heating energy with one component of electric power. The ecological power at a preliminary air temperature level of -20° C to +35° C should be given a temperature degree suitable for heating, or DHW.

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