Baby Naming Ceremonies are Growing Trends – What You Need to Make Yours a Success  

It is true that you only need two essential things to pull off an epic baby naming ceremony.

  1. A baby
  2. Witnesses

However, most of these ceremonies, which are non-religious ceremonies celebrating the birth of babies, are a little more elaborate than that. These are some of the things you might need to make your baby naming ceremony a raving success with friends and family, and your precious little one, alike.

Why are Naming Ceremonies Becoming So Popular?

In some corners of the world, society is becoming increasingly secular. Many people relied on religious ceremonies to celebrate the births of children in the past. When having children as adults without a specific religion or faith, there is still this need to mark the occasion, though some are uncomfortable with the religious aspects of the event.

It is not just the U.S. where these ceremonies are increasing in popularity either. Couples in the UK, Australia, and other parts of the world are also adopting the practice. Another important aspect of naming day celebrations is the naming of those who will fill the role of “Godparents” should something happen to the parents.

Even among those who are religious, naming ceremonies allow parents to acknowledge friends and family who share different religious beliefs and practices while inviting all to be part of the celebration.

Essential Ingredients for a Satisfying Naming Day Experience

While most parents still hold to some traditions, such as purchasing beautiful christening gowns for the occasion, there is no hard and fast rule that christening gowns are necessary for the event. It is truly an opportunity to set your own rules for the celebration. Since naming celebrations are still so new in many communities, most attendees have never experienced one to compare yours with.

Something needs to be said at these ceremonies acknowledging the birth of the baby and the identification of “Godparents” or any other term you choose for these special people in your life and that of your baby. Some choose also to read scripture, verses, or poems that seem to fit the occasion.

The giving of gifts is another common theme for baby naming ceremonies. Depending on the age of the child you might choose baby gifts or age-appropriate toys, books, blankets, etc.

The most important requirement for a successful naming day experience, though, is that you are surrounded by the people you consider family, whether by blood or by choice and that your baby feels the love of everyone present.