Five Common and Costly Drain Problems  

Homeowners and other property owners in Texas face a wide range of threats to their drains and plumbing. Those threats come from inside and out and can lead to very costly repairs if ignored for too long. The following are five common drain-clogging problems that often lead to potentially costly drain cleaning Houston TX homeowners and others need in an emergency:

Hair and Soap Buildup

All those hairs that wash down into the drain while showering, bathing and shaving. Over time, they combine to create a thick layer of wax-like buildup that restricts draining and eventually clogs them. Routine cleanings with common drain cleaners can reduce and remove hair and soap building within your drains and keep them unclogged.

Small Objects

Toothpicks, cotton swabs and similar small objects look easy to flush and often find their way into toilets. Yet, they often jam up inside the plumbing and trap other debris. That can add up to a fast and effective clog right away, or even over time. Sooner or later, those objects stop all water flow, and a rooter service might be needed to get it rid of the clog. It always is best to never flush anything other than human waste and toilet paper. Even baby wipes can clog up drains.

Mineral Deposits

Water contains minerals, and those minerals build up on the interior surfaces of plumbing equipment. If you have hard water, those minerals build up even faster and can lead to restricted water flow and eventual clogs. Installing a good water softener can help, as well as using products that safely dissolve mineral deposits inside your plumbing.

Food Waste

Garbage disposals are very convenient to use, yet, often prove to be troublesome when they get clogged. Although they do a great job of chopping up and ridding your kitchen of food waste, that waste leaves a wide range of fat and other substances behind. After thickening and hardening, your disposal becomes clogged, and often emits a foul odor. A better alternative is to skip using the disposal altogether by composting, if possible.

Tree Roots

Drain lines all lead outdoors sooner or later. Those underground lines sometimes become brittle and crack, which enables tree roots to penetrate them. After all, roots do seek sources of water and nutrients, just like those in drain lines. Repairing root-clogged drains can be very costly, especially if excavation is required. Routine checkups, though, can identify problems before they get too costly.

As the above list shows, there are many common problems that lead to potentially costly emergency drain cleaning Houston TX homeowners and others need. Family-owned MET Plumbing offers many solutions.