What Industries Use A Commercial Freeze Dryer Machine?

One of the least known processes that directly affect daily life is freeze drying. Since its origin over a century ago, freeze drying has developed into an engineered procedure that is conducted by the use of a commercial freeze dryer machine. Freeze drying refers to the process where a product is quickly frozen and then vacuum sealed before ice spans the product. The result of this process is the ability to preserve the product for an extensively long period of time. Also, freeze drying has become a useful type of processor in a variety of industries that impact our daily lives. Discover below the different industries that utilize this method regularly and can be found throughout any home.

Food Processing

The use of freeze-drying with regard to food processing has changed the way that high-quality food is preserved. By using a commercial freeze dryer machine, a variety of foods from premium meats to fruits have the ability to be preserved without sacrificing taste, texture, or nutrition. Dairy processing is a subindustry of food processing that takes advantage of freeze-drying regularly. In order to properly make things like cheese, cream, and pasteurized milk, freeze-drying is required in the process. The probiotics found in yogurt are also freeze-dried before being added to the yogurt so that those who consume them do not lose the value of the probiotic and it does not expire before consumption.

Pharmaceutical Processing

In the pharmaceutical industry, freeze-drying has been the backbone to the development of specific types of medications and the research used to determine their quality. Proteins and hormones are among the pharmaceutical products that are daily freeze-dried in order to maintain their integrity and DNA properties for research. Many common prescription drugs and even over-the-counter medicines were founded by companies preserving these tissues and other variables so that they could be manipulated and researched.

Pet Food 

Dry pet food is the leading source of food for household pets. In order to have that food preserved and molded into the kibble, the food is processed together and then freeze-dried using a freezer dryer before being packaged and sent to merchants. Freeze-drying allows pets to get all the necessary nutrition they require in each bite with the preservation of the nutritional value of the food. 

Take Advantage of Freeze-Drying Today

If your industry is responsible for any product that has a small shelf life of nutritional value and taste, you should invest in a small or large commercial freeze dryer machine today. Investing in this machine will allow your product to last up to years beyond its current ability and prevent waste. Contact Parker Freeze Dry for more information.