Busted: The Reality Behind 5 Major Flight Booking Myths

Travelling by air can be a delightful as well as a unique experience. But air travellers often make multiple speculations about booking flight tickets and getting the best deal. Whether you are book a flight for the very first time in your life or this is your nth ticket, you must know the truth behind certain flight booking myths. Read on to know further.

Aeroplanes give wings to human beings, almost literally! Flying down from one place to another is not just an exciting experience but also a convenient and comfortable one. However, the complexity of those huge flying machines, the flight tickets booking procedure, the expansive airports with multiple lobbies-all these, over time, has given wings to the fertile imaginations of commoners. 

Some major flight booking myths need to be busted for making a flight journey hassle-free, convenient and most significantly, pocket friendly.

Here are the five greatest flight booking myths of all time. 

5 Major Flight Booking Myths Debunked

#1 Myth: Be Smarty Pants and Book Flight Tickets Months in Advance to Save Some Money

Truth: While booking your flight ticket in advance might surely help you get the best deal, booking tickets months in advance is most likely not going to help. The right time to book your tickets is 2-4 weeks before the departure date unless your travel date is around a popular holiday season such as Diwali, Christmas, etc. 

#2 Myth: Crack the “Magic” hour to get the cheapest deal on your flight tickets.

Truth: This myth has misled many travellers. Many, in fact, consider this to be the biggest secret behind bagging cheap flight tickets. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as the “golden” or “magic” hour. Airfares tend to change every minute. So, be proactive when trying to get the best deal. Search for budget deals multiple times a day and sign up for free airfare alerts to grab the best deal.

#3 Myth: Book a flight on Tuesday/Wednesday and save some of your Hard-earned Money

Truth: Understand the difference between booking your flight on Tuesday and travelling on Tuesday. Flying down from one place to another on Tuesdays can save a great deal of money as it is the lowest priced day of the week. But booking your flight on Tuesday for a Saturday might not help you much. 

#4 Myth: Round-trip tickets tend to be Cheaper than one-way Tickets

Truth: This was the truth in older times. But the sky-rocketed competition in the aviation industry has led to several alterations. Thus, at present days, a one way Goa to Mumbai air fare and back can be cheaper than a round-trip fare. The key is to check for both one way and round-trip configurations before final booking. 

#5 Myth: Cookies and Browsing History can Hike up your Airfare

Truth: This is an exceedingly common rumour doing the rounds among frequent air travellers as well. However, there is no evidence to prove the authenticity of the case. While yes, websites use this to track you and know you better, not all the sites use it for hiking up the price just for you. 

Relying on myths for booking cheap flight tickets can be stupidity. Rather, act like a completely aware and well-informed traveller and use valid means, such as joining a lifestyle reward program to earn miles. This will help you manage your flight expenses within the budget and also make your trip a happy and satisfying one.