Ways To Stay Motivated In The Workplace

Motivation is a tricky thing. There are days when you might feel extremely energetic and motivated to complete the tasks at hand, while on others, you might feel like there is no more energy or passion for finishing your work. There are multiple types of motivation and by understanding them at length, you can easily hop back up on the productivity express.  There is power motivation—where you feel motivated because you can extend a certain element of power on your surroundings to get the job done. There is fear motivation, where you work because you are afraid of the consequences of the unfinished task. Incentive motivation works when you have a clear idea of the benefits of finishing a task. While achievement motivation provides you with a sizable goal to motivate you to complete it. 

It is completely normal to feel demotivated at times. If you think hard enough and look far back enough, you can gauge the reasons behind your lack of motivation. Once you know what is bothering you—be it lack of energy, lack of resources, lack of will, or lack of recognition, you are better equipped to deal with the mundanities of unproductive days. Let us look at a few ways to motivate yourself and achieve the things you set out to achieve. 

  • Don’t think about it as ‘hard work’

We dread things that we are unfamiliar with. If you are working on a new project, you might feel a lack of confidence which might demotivate you. People tend to view hard work as a herculean challenge. You can push that boulder up a million times, thinking one day you will reach the mountain top. If you are overwhelmed by the amount of work you have in front of you, chop it up into bite-sized tasks. Reward yourself with a little break, or coffee, or a song once you finish every small task. Slowly, the list will keep getting shorter, and with each small task completed, your brain will get a signal of achievement and put twice the effort into completing the next task. 

  • Read daily

Reading is a holistic activity that engages both your conscious brain and unconscious mind. Reading quality work does not only add value to your knowledge but can also be a source of great motivation. Biographies of successful entrepreneurs, social workers, and achievers from diverse fields can provide you with a much-needed boost in motivation. Biographies of leaders are also filled with days of not feeling motivated to achieve things they set out for. However, it also shows us that we can achieve anything we set our mind to. 

  • Set a ‘turn off’ time

Like our computers and smart devices, our minds also need ‘turn off’ or ‘shut down’ time. It is noble to go above and beyond in order to achieve our set goals. However, your mind also needs rest time. It is extremely important to have a work-life balance. Determine and follow a specific time to get off work every day. By doing so, you will get into a habit of working rigorously during work hours and get much-needed rest after work. If you stretch your working hours or bring your work home with you, you are bound to feel exhausted, burned out, and demotivated every other day. 

It is okay to feel demotivated. It is okay to have off days. If you feel that you feel exhausted and have lost the will to continue working, reach out to the leaders in your organization or people who you think are ideal in their line of work. After all, what is leadership, if not being highly motivated? Seek help, take some time off, and get back to your field to achieve what you set out for. Motivation is a tricky subject, but you can master it with self-love, passion, and ultimately, hard work.