Corporate Gifts vs. Promotional Gifts: Understanding the Difference

Corporate and promotional gifts are powerful marketing tools that are implemented by companies to improve their presence, brand, reach, and encourage customer loyalty. Though both are gifts, they serve two entirely different purposes. You can find a variety of products to gift at stores like Concept Plus, but to achieve the purpose of gifting effectively, you need to understand the underlying difference between promotional and corporate gifts.

Corporate Gifts

These are given to people associated with the company. It can be the employees of the company who are showered with gifts on festivals or when they accomplish something for the company. It is to show that the company cares for them and values their association. It can also be given to clients where it works to bridge the gap, open the communication channel for business talks or simply as a gesture of goodwill from the company. 

When choosing corporate gifts, you can get them customized. A lot of companies also prefer to turn corporate gifts into promotional gifts by getting their name or logo printed on them. But, the target market and goal here is different. Branding is done in smaller print to encourage company awareness and not to make it look like an advertisement.

Thus, corporate gifts aim to convey thanks, appreciation, keep the morale of employees high, and uplift the company profile.

Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts need to reach out to a much wider audience and specifically the potential or prospective audience. The basic aim of promotional gifting is to make the consumers aware of the company’s presence and the products or services it is offering. Here the aim is to increase the customer base and not just focus on brand awareness and promoting customer loyalty. 

Promotional gifts are generally given out in large numbers. Though the quality needs to be good, they are mostly low-priced items like bags, pens, caps, and t-shirts. They need to carry your contact information but in such a manner that it is visible yet not overpowering or else the usability aspect of it can get compromised. Promotional gifts need to be cost-effective, practical, useful, and should be given out to a variety of different people to make the right impact.

Thus, corporate gifts and promotional gifts, though involve gifting some items, serve two different purposes. If you intend to utilize these marketing tools, you should be very clear about your goal.