Which Mattress Best Suits Side Sleepers?

People sleep in different sleeping positions based on their personal preferences. With sleep being critical to your overall health, it is essential to pay more attention to your sleeping position. Interestingly, some sleepers change their sleeping position constantly throughout the night. Some of the commonly seen sleeping positions include:

  • Side Sleepers

People who like to sleep on their sides are often known as side sleepers. According to the experts in the industry, the best side to sleep is the left side as it reduces acid reflux and heartburn.  Some side sleepers place an extra pillow between their legs to keep their spine properly aligned.

It is interesting to note that the side sleeping positions are considerably more popular among people. If you are a side sleeper, you need to get a mattress that supports the extra weight along your shoulders and hips. In fact, experts consider the orthopedic mattress as the best type of mattress for side sleepers. The orthopedic mattress is comfortable yet provides ample support so that the spinal cord remains in its natural alignment. The mattress also ensures that no new pressure points pop up in your shoulder or hip region as more pressure is exerted in these locations when you sleep on your side.  Recent studies have shown that almost 74% of the human population prefer to sleep on their side. Unfortunately, they do not invest in the right mattress, making them susceptible to backaches, joint pains and so on.

  • Back Sleeper

These sleepers sleep on their backs throughout the night. This is considered to be the best sleeping position by medical professionals. It allows your spinal cord to remain in its natural alignment without creating any new stress points. The memory foam mattress is the best mattress for sleeping on your back. You will also need to use a pillow that rests comfortably in the gap between your neck and the mattress.

  • Stomach Sleeper

People who tend to sleep on their stomach throughout the night are referred to as stomach sleepers. Unfortunately, this is not considered to be a healthy sleeping position as it places undue pressure on the neck and the back. In fact, medical professionals advise against sleeping on your back if you can help it.

The Best Mattress For Side Sleepers:

There are plenty of different mattress models available in the market currently. It is essential to pick one out based on your preferred sleeping position. Once you figure out which position you wind up sleeping in during the night, you can pick a mattress that is best suited for the position. Interestingly, the most recommended mattress for side sleepers is always the orthopedic mattress.

The orthopedic mattress was designed by a group of orthopedic doctors. The mattress offers comfort while providing ample support to your body at the same time. It is medium-firm, so you will not experience a sinking or cushioning feeling that is common to the memory foam mattress.

The Dual Comfort mattress by Wakefit is also another mattress that will suit the requirements of the side sleepers. The mattress can be used on either side, with one side offering a medium soft surface while the other side is offering a medium-firm surface. Side sleepers are recommended to sleep on the medium-firm surface so that their hips and shoulders get the support it requires while you sleep on your side. The dual comfort mattress has an additional layer of breathable fabric that allows the free movement of air through the mattress. This prevents your body from heating up during the night, allowing you to sleep comfortably. At the end of the day, the orthopedic mattress and the dual comfort mattress acts as the best side sleeper mattress options available in the market.