Does Carpet Cleaning Kill Fleas


Flea infestations can be very difficult to eliminate, resulting in a home full of itchy and annoyed residents. They’re no fun for your pet, scratching and licking at the areas where these pests scurry and bite and they can be a downright nuisance for you and your family. 

Eliminating fleas is no picnic either as they breed at an alarming rate and they can get into everything around the house, especially your beautiful long lasting carpet. Once fleas, or more to the point flea eggs and larvae, get deep into the carpet fibers, they may not be fully eradicated with simple vacuuming. Relying on professional carpet cleaning services in bothellwa, can be effective at killing those pests and wiping them out once and for all. 

But only if you’ve eliminated them at the source first, which means treating your pet with a reliable, high-quality flea treatment that can destroy the pests where they live. 

The Challenge of Removing Fleas

One of the main reasons why regular vacuuming might be ineffective to remove and destroy fleas is because of where the larvae and cocoons live in your carpeting. A flea can typically lay around 20-30 eggs per day and when those eggs are laid they can easily fall off your pet. When they drop from a dog or cat and land in your carpets, they fall to the base of the fibers near the backing material. 

Since they are so deeply ingrained in between the fibers, the larvae are tough to reach with a normal vacuum. They are equipped with tiny bristles that can make the larvae incredibly stubborn to pick up. In the cocoon stage the fibers are easily intertwined with the carpet in ways that prevent complete removal. 

The Solution

Carpet cleaning is a great way to kill fleas through the use of steam. When your preferred cleaner steam cleans the carpet, the extremely high temperature of that steam can wipe out all evidence of fleas. It will destroy fully mature fleas, cocoons, larvae, you name it as they are unable to withstand hot temperatures of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Simply put, if your home has seen a flea infestation of any kind and you have used pesticides or other flea removal sprays or treatments on your carpets or upholstery and these have not been as effective as you had hoped, then steam is the answer. 

But keep in mind that carpet cleaning is not the ultimate solution. If you don’t destroy the fleas at the source and you allow more eggs and more larvae to end up in the carpet from your pet, the problem will only persist and you will need to steam clean the carpets again to destroy the next wave. 

However, too much steam cleaning can be detrimental to your carpet and should be done very infrequently. Steam puts moisture in the carpet and you want to limit the amount that gets in there so you don’t develop mold or wrinkles that can ruin the integrity of the material.