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BBQs 2u also sells as well as stocks Kamado Joe UK BBQs, Napoleon BBQs, Masterbuilt Gravity BBQs, and also Ooni Pizza Ovens. Besides that, they stock accessories of Kamado Joe and Napoleon ovens. 

BBQs 2u is one of the barbecue enthusiasts having a wealth of grilling knowledge and experience to share with its customers. There is a BBQ available for everyone, whether someone prefers gas or charcoal.

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Kamado grills are distinguished by their egg-like shape with reinforced construction that allows them to easily retain heat more effectively than traditional charcoal-fuelled counterparts. The lid of a kamado grill is closed during cooking. This method helps to keep smoke and heat inside the cooking chamber and making these units ideal for smoking or other low-and-slow cooking methods.

Some kamado grills are although made of heavy-gauge steel, the majority of them are made of ceramic. That is because the first kamado grills, which originated in Asia over 4,000 years ago, were made of clay. 

Because ceramic models are a bit heavy, finding a kamado grill suitable for tailgating or camping is difficult. Furthermore, these grills usually only have cooking space of 300 – 500 square inches. If someone wants a grill that he can take with him or that can serve a large number of people at once, a gas grill or pellet smoker might be a better option.

Masterbuilt Gravity smokers will combine the best features of both charcoal and pellet grills to provide a worry-free yet quite versatile cooking experience for users.

What if any charcoal grill also worked similarly to a pellet grill? It is a bold idea, but Masterbuilt has delivered more than that with a grill that defied all conventions. 

Of course, Masterbuilt Gravity Series models will burn charcoal but include many features found only on such pellet grills, like an internal fan to keep the fire going, a self-feeding fuel hopper, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth capabilities, and even a digital control panel

As a result, this grill is unrivalled in terms of ease of use as charcoal cookers. Masterbuilt Gravity smokers can also withstand higher temperatures as compared to the average pellet smoker while still delivering the classic charcoal flavour that people love.

It is easy to be taken in by the innovation, and features of charcoal grills from Masterbuilt Gravity Series. Now the mention of BBQs 2u and their ovens find a prominent space in all social media including Facebook