Emerging Technologies That Can Revolutionize the Media Industry

Today, we rely on the media industry for breaking news and stories. Modern technology has made everyone a content creator and publisher. It has never been easier to create videos, spread news through social media and develop your own audiences. Examples of innovative and emerging technologies are changing the way we collect and deliver contents. While some of these technologies sound like they are simply taken from a sci-fi movie, look at these examples of latest technologies that are developed to change the content creation and delivery process. 

5G & Wi-Fi 6

  • This technology makes use of super fast, wireless technology that improves phone speed. 
  • It has been designed to help usher in mainstream virtual and AR (Augmented Reality). 
  • It delivers data at nearly 10 gigabits per second, making even the live streaming video a flawless experience. 

Virtual Reality (VR)

  • You are assured of an ultimate level of news interaction while being right in the center of the action.
  • This latest technology transports you into the middle of an experience to create an enriched connection to the story. 
  • A good example of VR is the New York Times VR app, which was followed by 1.2 million Google cardboard viewers on the launch day. 
  • VR guarantees you an all-engrossing video experience that develops great connection and empathy with news stories. 

Anti-Ad Blocking 

  • This technology offer ‘ad reinsertion’ software or help to serve various kinds of ads that suits user experience. 
  • It blocks ad-blocking users from a site while offering them an incentive to white-list their site through an ‘ad-light’ experience when they will turn off the website or company software. 

Automated Journalism 

  • Also called, ‘robot journalism’, this emerging technology helps journalists, content developers and publishers by incorporating and analyzing data to create quality content. 
  • It can be used to test headlines, source data and identify trending stories. 
  • Real time testing is the major attraction that helps users to identify the best content and make changes to stories that don’t ‘hit the mark’. 

To conclude, there are many other examples of emerging technologies that shows off the advances that are significantly changing the media industry. These technologies are worth for advanced inquiry to find out how they can enhance your content creation and delivery process. Once you have adopted some of them, you will wonder how you dealt without them till the date!