The Situations in the Supply Chain Process

Sometimes you need a substitute, then it is useful that you know the musicians from your region well. Create a file with e-mail addresses and telephone numbers (in the context of the GDPR, please ask whether the person in question has no objection to being included in your file).

What Happens to the Clubs

In most clubs, musicians sometimes play at other clubs. They also have contact with musicians from those other associations and know which musicians can join your association if necessary. Use their information to build a network. 

Ask guest players well in advance, as ‘substitutes’ often have a busy schedule. And pamper your guest players! That means a warm welcome upon arrival, a brief introduction to the conductor and an introduction to the orchestra. That is possible from the box. Do not let them pay for their own coffee during the break, make sure they are not alone and invite them to the follow-up, where you may also offer them a drink. Very important, ask for a telephone number and e-mail address immediately and forward the communications. If you have a private Facebook group, invite the guest player to do so. Involve someone in your orchestra. You may end up with a new member. Want to know more? This gave the best breakdown on the EWF 2.0 in my opinion.

Aldermen, councilors and other politicians in your municipality

It is very useful to know the councilors, councilors and other politicians in your municipality. Take a look at the various websites of the municipality and the political parties in your municipality to find out who you already know, also ask your members if they have acquaintances in politics. Attend the New Years reception and other congregation public gatherings. Invite politicians to come to a special concert. Then take the trouble to start a conversation. Receive them, take them to a nice seat and invite them to talk afterwards.

Our information about subsidies contains even more information about lobbying in politics. Also take a look at the video that is included.

Sponsors and other entrepreneurs

If you involve sponsors in your association, they become ambassadors who use their network for the benefit of your association. That’s why it’s important to keep in touch. Also ask the sponsor for advice. You will certainly be surprised. 

Also consider business associations

Talk about what you can do for each other. How could you organize a networking evening for entrepreneurs / an entrepreneurial association? Organize a maestro concert, where you let entrepreneurs conduct. Do you have an interesting speaker within your association? Then think of a combination, how can you make the music portray what the speaker is saying? Think about differences and similarities between a company and an association and turn it into a fun story.

You can also organize a networking evening yourself

Invite all companies in your village, district or city for a fun evening. Invest in a good speaker, provide a snack and a drink and opportunities for companies to advertise that evening. Have them place a banner or put up flyers for a small fee. Present your association briefly that evening (see also promotional video). Shortly before you close the evening, ask attention for sponsorship opportunities.