Few Facts About Barcelona and Travelling to Barcelona

Introduction –

There are many people who love Barcelona and there are many reasons for the same. One of the facts that you will know about Barcelona is that it is an artistic city with an architecture that is sui generis. It also has a vibrant cultural scenery; you can see the beautiful views of the mountain and sea and also you will get delicious food and will meet the most beautiful people. Make sure that when you visit Barcelona, you don’t land there on any national holiday, else everything will be closed. Here in this post, you will get several reasons why you should visit Barcelona. It can also happen that you might not like visiting Barcelona. Here in this post through this post you can decide whether Barcelona is worth visiting. We will discuss the ways in which you can get to Barcelona and which is one of the best methods to travel. 

Facts About Barcelona – 

You might also want to know few facts about Barcelona. The first and the foremost thing you should know is that, it is the 2nd largest city after the city of Madrid, which is the capital. It is located in Spain, in the north-east corner. Also, you should know that, Barcelona is the capital city of one of the most autonomous regions of Spain i.e. Catalonia. This is known for its unique culture and language & the people over there speak Catalan, even if they know Spanish. Barcelona is one of the most pivotal centres of the Catalan identity and culture. You can also look here for more details on weed map. One of the questions that many people have on their mind is that, whether it is easy to get to Barcelona? So, let me tell you that, Barcelona is easy to get as it is one of the most famous cities in Spain. 

Flights and Train to Barcelona – 

Barcelona consists of only one airport which is the BCN and it services both domestic as well as international airlines. And, there are almost all European budget airlines that fly and they have multiple direct flight to Barcelona daily. You can get direct flights from Miami, Philly, LA, NY, Doha, Atlanta, Bogota, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Buenos Aires and other big international cities. One of the best things that you will know about Barcelona is that it has 4 train stations in which the Barcelona Sants is the major railway station. So, you can easily travel through train and it’s pretty common too. Also, within Spain its quick and easy to travel to Barcelona by train. You can also get a direct train ride from several cities like France to Spain, including a direct ride without any stop from Paris to Barcelona. 

Driving and Getting Around in Barcelona – 

If you are planning a road trip from around Spain, then let me tell you that, you can have a rental car and its pretty easy. But one thing, that you should remember is that some places in Barcelona has a narrow street and the parking is very difficult. So, you can choose a bus or train. Another thing, that you ought to know about Barcelona and its pride is that, it has ease of movements. You can easily get a public commute or transportation speedily available and you do not have to worry about getting around. And, the best chum that you can have with you while traveling to Barcelona is the Google Maps, plus, you can also get a Barcelona Metro App. Barcelona also has subway, trams, public bike, buses, and one of the amazing things you will know is that with public transportation network for free you can travel within 1 hour to 15 minutes after you have taken your tickets.