Gorgeous Things to See in Lombok

Lombok Island is located just east of its own glamorous and famous neighbour, Bali. Around the specific same dimensions as Bali, Lombok is a great deal more simple, laid-back and less complicated than bustling Bali. Here are some fantastic things to find from Lombok:

Waterfall in Senaru

Like the majority of Indonesia’s big islands, Lombok is a scenic volcanic island filled with stunning scenery: lush subtropical rice fields, dense jungle and forests, rocky shores, magnificent coastlines and beaches that are breathtaking.

Since Lombok includes a minimal population density and can be very disheartening for tourism (or anything else for that matter), the island is exploding with humid, natural areas. Collectively Lombok’s west coast, especially, not a lot of villages, cities or houses are found. It is possible to drive for hours through only a small number of settlements.

When you get started flying about Lombok, you suddenly know how crowded, bustling and thoroughly populated Indonesia’s other significant islands are.


Lombok is stunning! Nature is the very best reason to see Lombok.

The island has been blessed with all completely magnificent coastlines that include kilometres and miles of scenic terrain: craggy headlands dipping into broad bays of aquamarine seas, expansive sweeping beaches and vast coconut plantations. Occasional discreet upscale hotels elegance a number of those bays. A couple of tiny villages are located in several bays too. However, the place remains undeveloped and natural.

Sunrise over Mt Rinjani

Lombok is dominated by underwater Mt. Rinjani, among Indonesia’s best volcanoes beyond Irian Jaya, peaks at 3726 meters. Mt Rinjani is Bali’s variant of sacred Mt Agung.

Rinjani is a favourite mountain biking among the two western Asian and vacationers scaling lovers. They consider it a significant climbing trip. The usually guided treks require three times up and two days camping along the street. Mt Rinjani’s lower slopes, and the entire way about, are incredibly fertile areas filled with rice areas and dense woods. Many enormous trees still stand all around Lombok.

Lombok sampan anchored at a Magnificent white beach on Gili Air

However, Lombok is probably the most famous for its three Gili islands (‘Gili’ meaning island’), only off Lombok’s west shore – Gili Trawangan, Meno and Air. All three islands have vetoed motorized vehicles ultimately! The sole transportation located is pony & Cabinets and bicycles. That creates the Gilis incredibly quiet and traffic-free. The only visitors’ noise is the magical jingle of pony bells since they trot across the island’s sandy ‘streets’.

Trawangan is a flourishing celebration island with dancing parties and pubs galore all night of this week. Gili Meno and Air are much quieter. Even though Gili Air has irregular parties, the folks of Meno like to abide by silence and are much more peaceful.

Lush rice fields at Western Lombok

One curiosity of Lombok is the shifting terrain of warm, dry places and lush, plump places. Along the north coast, the terrain continuously and abruptly contrasts between the two. You’re going to wind up driving around immense parched lowlands, turn into a corner, and suddenly drive smack in darkened green woods or neon green rice areas. It’s quite impressive.

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