Recommended Seafood Restaurants in Batam

Here are five recommended seafood restaurants that you ought to check out in Batam.

One Dozen Cafe — fish buckets doused in gravy

Seafood buckets doused in the thick sauce are the highlight at One Dozen Cafe. A combo meal for two with about 500g of crab costs 135k IDR (~S$13), though a combo dinner for 4 with about 700g of crab prices 220k IDR (~S$21). All combos include corn, noodles, and potatoes, and you may choose to get your crab cooked in salted egg, black pepper, curry, or bumbu bali sauce, which is a spicy and sweet sauce.

The Salted Egg Crab consists of the dry selection. But the grated egg whites each inch of this crab and components, which means it is possible to anticipate a meal packed full of flavor.

Sei Enam Seafood Batam — fantastic sunset views

A brief 10-minute walk from your Batam Center Ferry Terminal, Sei Enam Seafood Batam provides Chilli Crab and Salted Egg Crab at 109k IDR (~S$10.5) each serving. The chili crab is slightly spicier, although the salted egg yolks are somewhat sweeter and less eggy than our Singaporean variety.

You can also attempt their prawn from sambal sauce, which is liberally coated in spicy sauce. It is priced affordably at 68k IDR (~S$6.54), or elect for their sambal kangkung at 35k IDR (~S$3.34) or seafood cap cai (mixed veggies ) at 40k IDR (~S$3.86).

Kelong Restaurant Citra Utama 188 — Select Your crabs and choose how they Are cooked.

Kelong Restaurant Citra Utama 188 offers fried squid in 45k IDR (~ S $ 4.35). If you’d prefer fish, elect for their giant steamed grouper in 208k IDR (~ S $ 20). Gong gong can also be on the menu at 42k IDR (~S$4).

This restaurant allows you to handpick many different crabs like flower crabs and sand fishes at 94k IDR (~S$9). Then select how you would like it to be eaten — you’ll have it cooked or steamed Indonesian way to consume as the natives do. If you’d like a warm drink to go with your meal, order a green tea glass in 10k IDR (~ S $ 1).

Seafood Jawa Melayu — wet and dry gravy Selections for black pepper crab

Seafood Jawa Melayu is a kelong restaurant serving Crab in Padang Sauce and Black Pepper Crab at only 83k IDR (~S$8). Here you may elect to have the Black Pepper sauce wet or dry depending on how much sauce you want.

We recommend ordering their Udang Sambal (chili prawns) in 65k IDR (~S$6.25) or steamed prawns in 62k IDR (~S$6). For vegetable dishes, this restaurant provides Kailan in 21k IDR (~S$2).

Harbour Bay Seafood Restaurant — Outside seating from the Ocean

A 5-minute driveway from Harbour Bay Ferry Terminal, Harbour Bay Seafood Restaurant, provides Chilli Crab in 120k (~S$11.55) and Black Pepper Lobster in 328k (~S$31.50). You might even elect for the crunchy fried mantao priced in 9k IDR (~ S $ 0.87) and wheat fish at 125k (~ S $ 12).

We recommend ordering the Gong-gong, which will be priced at 10k IDR/100g (~S$0.95/ / 100g) and can be Batam’s local delicacy.

This institution provides outdoor seating areas with sea views and an indoor seating space with high ceilings and fans to keep you cool.

Vacation is more than just the food. It’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Batam by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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