Hanging Basket and the Best Flowers

Most flowers appropriate for hanging baskets are top heavy, pendulous, or creeping, which makes them look beautiful when they are displayed from a container at eye level or higher.

 Some hanging basket (ตะกร้า แขวน, which is the term in Thai) flowers even draw or hummingbirds or butterflies, which gives you a close-up view of wildlife antics on your deck or porch.


For those who do not have a suitable climate to grow fussy fuchsias, begonias can serve as a plant double. The half-hardy Begonia boliviensis has the same pendulous, tubular flowers as fuchsias, but can bear the humidity and heat of southern summers. Alternative tuberous begonias that look great in hanging baskets are the Nonstop Mocca series, which is fully double and resembles a rose.

Black Eye Susan Vine

Not many vines appear lovely in a hanging basket, but Thunbergia alata has the right combination of restraint and exuberance that presents it as a showy container plant.


Gardeners living in regions with wet, cold summers cannot ignore the opportunity to grow this fantastic, shade-loving tender perennial. Although the plants mostly wither in summer weather, you can look for one of the more heat tolerant varieties like Jupiter, Astoria, or Surprise. A little fuss will extend the beauty of fuchsias in hanging baskets. The plants respond well to regular fertilizing, daily misting, and diligent deadheading.


In frost-free regions, common lantana can become a thug sort of; it can grow into a wild woody shrub that extends through fences and overtakes flowerbeds; however, the vibrant flower clusters of lantana provide pure tropical color for a long growing season, drawing hummingbirds and butterflies.

Use a small weeping variety for your hanging baskets like the yellow and white Patriot Popcorn or the pink, yellow, and orange Patriot Rainbow.