What To Know Before You Weld A Cabinet

Welding is the process of using a material (solder) to join metal pieces. Welding is done at relatively low temperatures (around 400ºF) compared to traditional welding, which melts and fuses the edges of the parts at higher temperatures. In the case of welding cabinet (ตู้ เชื่อม which is the term in thai), the filling material becomes liquid when heated, fills the gap between the pieces, and then it is allowed to cool. As the solder cools, it hardens, and the pieces come together. Welding is a quick way to bond many types of materials, such as copper tubing and stained glass plates. It creates a conductive joint between the joined pieces, and the weld can be reheated to disconnect the parts. It works wonderfully to join electrical components and cables and is used for anything electronic.

What You Need

·         Welder

Most people usually choose to use a soldering iron. It heats and cools quickly and can maintain a reasonably constant temperature, and are easy to find. Low power welders (15-40 watts) work best to work with the components of a circuit board, while the strongest ones (60-140 watts) work well for joining thicker materials, such as braided speaker cables. If a soldering iron that is too strong is used on a circuit board, it can damage the components.

·         The Welding

There are a lot of welding types available. Many sizes are sold, from 0.02 “to much larger thicknesses that would only be necessary to join copper tubes with a butane torch, the finest are used for small, detailed things, such as installing resistors, and the larger ones for Cruder jobs, like joining wires.

·         The Tip Of The Welders

The welders already have a tip, so you do not have to go out and buy one, but it is important to know the differences between the different tips and make sure you use the right tip for a given type of welding.

·         Soldering Iron Holder, And Cleaning Sponge

It is nice to have a safe place to place the soldering iron while you work. Support supports the soldering iron and allows you to clean the tip.

·         Fasteners For Securing Objects

Often called thirds hands or friendly hands, these small clips help a lot when welding. You have to hold the soldering iron in one hand and solder in the other, without having an easy way to prevent the pieces from moving.