How do you track your progress and wins in online slots?

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  1. Use a gaming diary

Consider keeping a gaming diary, either physically or digitally, where you jot down notes about your sessions. Record the date, time, and duration of your play, the name of the slot game and your initial bankroll. Then, make notes on the key highlights of your session, such as:

  • The biggest win of the session and the features or symbols that triggered it.
  • Any bonus rounds you activated and the outcomes.
  • The frequency of smaller wins and the average payout amounts.
  • Any near-misses on jackpots or significant wins.

A gaming diary is a simple yet effective way to reflect on your play and identify patterns. It will also be a fun souvenir to reflect on and see how your ratu89 journey has progressed.

  1. Take screenshots

Most online slot games offer a replay or a celebration screen after a significant win, giving you a few moments to savour the moment. Take advantage of this by taking screenshots of your wins, especially the larger or more unexpected ones. You create a dedicated folder on your device to store these screenshots, perhaps organizing them by date or game title. Then, when you feel like reminiscing or analyzing your wins, you have a visual record to enjoy.

  1. Utilize in-game history

Many online slot games provide an in-game history feature, often accessible via a menu or settings icon within the game. This feature allows you to review critical statistics and outcomes from your current or previous sessions. In-game histories often include details such as:

  • The number of spins completed.
  • The total bet amount and any adjustments made.
  • A list of wins, including the amount and the triggering combination.
  • Bonus round outcomes, including the number of free spins and total bonus winnings.
  • The session’s overall result shows total bets versus total wins.
  1. Review session statistics

Like the in-game history, many reputable online casinos provide a comprehensive history and statistics section within your player account. This allows you to review your gameplay across all slots and casino games, giving an overview of your overall performance. Session statistics can include details such as:

  • The dates and times of your play and the duration of each session.
  • A breakdown of bets placed and winnings for each game.
  • The percentage of wins versus losses and the average win amount.
  • The names of the games you’ve played and any favourites you’ve marked.
  • Any bonuses or promotions redeemed, as well as the resulting winnings.

Reviewing these statistics can provide valuable insights into your overall slot performance and help you identify your most successful games or sessions.

  1. Celebrate milestones

Set yourself goals, such as reaching a certain number of spins, triggering a specific bonus round, or winning a certain amount. When you achieve these milestones, mark the occasion and treat yourself somehow. Reward yourself with a small gift, a special meal, or an experience to commemorate a fortunate win. Celebrating these moments adds more enjoyment to your online slot journey.